On return, decided to clean though self cleaning, the calcaire and gave it another try, still not producing chlorine. I have samples of pool water tested regularly at my local Zodiac-approved pool shop. It was clear that my tri was developing a mind of its own as to when it feels like producing. Internal battery died after 4 years. The screen is constantly indicating low salt, regardless of the level in the pool. Yep great – Who the heck design this? Description The Ei is the latest Self-Cleaning model from Zodiac, the world’s leading brand of salt chlorinator.

Ask a question about this product. If this costs any more we are throwing the whole unit away and getting something that will last and is more affordable for parts. Have had a logic board replaced under warranty after 2 years and now have had to replace the cell. Turned out the battery is hard wired on the PCB. It’s not good enough and zodiac should try to label, use or buy better quality components to sell. Pools are costly enough as it is and this is just hopeless.

Pool salt 50kg R I inspected the cell and found that the centre plate had around 5cm missing – corroded away. Even though cell only lasted 4 years. Date Purchased May Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

Zodiac Ei Midi Self cleaning salt water chlorinator.

My experience This review is posted sal the request of Zodiac after I completed a “How is your replacement electrode” survey they emailed me. And i already know what you will ask- what output are we running at?

I reset it, but it did the same two days later. Weirs and suction points. Replacing the unit now with something more reliable. You dont even need to remove your existing cell! I’ve contacted Zodiac support to start a warranty claim and although initially being responsive they have gone very quiet with no reply for over 2 weeks. Don’t buy this rubbish! We now have a cell error, and is now saying ‘Testing Cell’.


Pumps for endless swimming. I have samples of pool water tested regularly chlorinatog my local Zodiac-approved pool zodiwc. A year later, it just stops making chlorine a few seriies after coming on. Internal battery died after 4 years. Date Purchased Aug I don’t know, but apparently the battery that needs to be replaced is soldered in place and isn’t user replaceable. Keeps on breaking down Have had a TRI Large for a little over 4 years and it started playing up a little over a year ago, when just out of warranty how convenient Not overly impressed I have just replaced my unit as the cost to replace was more cost effective than repair.

I only placed 3 bags of salt into the pool three weeks ago. Its simply a very bad design.

The Product malfunctioned after approximately 10 days of minimal use. Great back up service.

Zodiac Ei Series Midi Chlorinator Max 80000L(DISCONTINUED)

Then several weeks ago it lost its time and settings memory. Have had a logic board replaced under warranty after 2 years and now have had to replace the cell. We also have the zodiac pool cleaner, as we assumed they were a good make. Salt required for this size pool when buying your first chlorinator, for every Litres you will require a 50kg bag of salt. Hoping that the very peculiar problem may ring a bell with somebody. The middle plate was completely corroded.

Not only is it the cost of the unit, it’s the chemicals to bring the pool back to scratch after the filter has been in operable and out of action. Works OK but the backup serids died after 4 years. In the last year, some water samples returned a zero chlorine content, but randomly. I have emailed Zodiac and asked for a replacement product.


My Chlorine is low. We have come to expect seeing the red light on. The chlorinator was then removed by the service agent, leaving me without a chlorinator and no offer of replacement chemicals or product.

Turned out the battery is hard wired on the PCB. No error message, no salt alert but verified salt anyway, all ok. Zodiac is pure rubbish so don’t waste your money!!!

EI Classic Series

Filters for koi ponds. Now can’t get error message to leave and won’t make chlorine. Big heap of junk on the market Have had the Tri large saltwater chlorinator and cell for 3 years and its been back for warranty repairs 4 times. This is clear that Zodiac also knows this because their warranties on these are so so low 1 year i think This is a complete rip off. My pool is only 11 months old and the Chlorinator is playing up, its clock doesn’t keep the time and ends up turning on at random throughout the day and night.

Great when it works seriez Also purchased Zodiac cleaner at same time on recommendation of pool builder. Now its showing a no flow fault The cell has been cleaned and there are no blockages.

What does a flashing blue light represent? The little screen says “output fault” I will not be buying another zodiac chlorinator, I just spent more money yet again to find out that it sakt “probably” another PCB board failure. They are all simple, basic technology and manufacture.

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