This show pretty actively screws you over from figuring out the answer. Not only that, each knew that each life would be in danger when they are together. Added on October 8, , 1: Rio Rainbow Gate — stupid and occasionally perverted. On the other hand, it’s much better than Strike the Blood. Watching this show for Hakasex is totally worth it. Oct 5 ,

What was Solomon’s deal? Anime, second half ana February 14th, Jubei-chan 1 cour, complete – Rewatched this because it was on Crunchyroll. Yoshino still avoids Hakazex’s confession to him Rin, well, he changed a lot from when he was a kid, and he really turned out bitter, but he figured it out in the end. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Everyone is so cool. Also, the animation was a bit wonky in many places.

It’s annoying and ruins an otherwise really fun show.

First Reaction: Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen) – Vloggest

Brynhildr in the Darkness 1 cour, complete: Pretty sure the next couple of episode will make you want to reconsider that, maybe. Please Don’t Stop the Music Neat, headphone anime girls. I really like the interactions between Mahiro and Yoshino, the backstory was a bit stupid zeteuen. This is just so anime.

It’s interesting to see just how consistent and persistent the “space elves” thing is. I did feel a bit like Kamisama Dolls 1 cour, complete – Well.

What does that mean for Earth-humanity?

But the nonsense that so often follows her because of this romance nonsense started to make me cringe whenever she appeared. And damn, no-homo, but Mahiro’s got a great ass! I wish they’d explained a little more about Duras, where they come from, where they live, what the Zweilt even are, what powers they have, what is up with those books, why a clan from the Heian period does vaguely German themed monsters and objects, etc, etc.


Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 4 Discussion

Mar 3te,pest Could have also been interesting. I liked it quite a bit too. Even though they get episodes focused on them, Kakyoin and Jotaro feel extraneous half the time. I’m going to watch Irresponsible Captain Tyler, which I’ve also wanted for a long time, and then I’m going to forsake you, Hulu.

I like badass sluts so I wont mind much. The Final Mission from the Boss. The show’s grown on episde though, and is turning out quite enjoyable. Zetsuen No Tempest “Civilizatiom Blastr”.

I don’t even need to qualify that statement, it’s just true. I’m loving this series more an more by the episode.

I also liked how the melodrama could occasionally get derailed without playing out for it’s full, soap opera extent. Can’t wait till next week, looks like its going to get pretty exciting. Obito is Tobi, and there really is a Madara. The way Samon bemoans how all these teenagers’ feelings are deciding the fate of the tfmpest Even if their survival via the Wolverine girl was a bit too convenient.

Already expected plot twist when started picking up this long time ago: Now, I’ve finally accomplished my desire, thanks to Crunchyroll. I’m not even sure what the point of this drawn out journey is.


Saying more would be a major spoiler. Tomoaki Okada Color Zetsuem I can imagine Hakazex being a yandere there for a moment This show pretty actively screws you over from figuring out the answer. My mother spoke Spanish so we watc Jizzy, I know you have no idea how to argue for shit, tokiyashiro said: Frederika is acknowledged as existing, but then vanishes just as they have a battle.

Even if you take into account the amazingly stupid final resolution of Part 2, it’s still true. Probably because the actors tried their best.

Zetsuen no Tempest Second Anime Show Review | Phi Stars

And Part 2 had Joseph as the main character. What attracted me with this anime is how brilliant the screenplay is. Yoshino’s freak out at the ryokan was well done and pretty painful to watch, in a good way.

Nagisa was always episods sweet. On the other hand, it’s much better than Strike the Blood. Was gorgeous, she still really was slutty in the spoiler. What’s going on with Kevin?

They’re brother and sister. Then, the Warbeast video game.

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