I do think there’s going to be some tension later on in the race. Lol slice of life set in a rural community. Plus watching Kyou Kara Ore Wa! Kaiser-Eoghan I hold the unpopular opinion of liking majoras mask more than Ocarina, it was a harder game and it felt bigger, there was more side quest stuff to do aswell. There just HAD to be an eclipse and all that bullshit with the demons, without any prior proper explanation? Anyways, back to the Shakespeare part, you will find heavy influences from The Tempest and Hamlet. There are complete Chinese subs around.

Detailed characters and violence and stuff. That split frame of Saitama’s Saitama face behind the Earth when the title appears. But you have to admit, they don’t look good. For a second I thought you meant Gunsmith Cats. Kaiser-Eoghan The remastered ocarina of time soundtrack is some of my favourite videogame music out there. Starting off, Mob Psycho once again looks fantastic. This is probably something you can never over-do in a show like JoJo.

January 16, at 2: It was something unique.

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The whole Egypt arc has been one amazing ride. Originally considered to be another zombie apocalypse anime, it overthrew expectations by turning out to be a zombie idol anime. Light-hearted and mundane for the most part. As for my thoughts, it ticks my boxes perfectly because I think a harsh story with violence needs to be backed up with pathos. Great production values all around, animation and sound went hand in hand really well.


First Kiss Pictures and Photo Galleries with: You don’t purchase individual anime. After Story, and amilinkz second half which is the real kicker and the main reason for its popularity.

Makoto Shinkai’s work is great in general. That split frame of Saitama’s Saitama face behind the Earth when the title appears. Never found anything like barakamon: Nah, I’ll watch what I want and I’ll complain about the tempsst shows that I’ve seen.

People are going to mistake fruits basket for a bargain bin otome harem. You identify what I see as two of the main strength of the show: D Ur gonna love it: True well Is It Wrong to pick up girls in the dungeon was okayone fight scene was very good too aniilnkz, and loli was great: You finally got around to Berserk but in completely the wrong order that I recommended it to you. Zetsuen No Tempest Status: But you have to admit, they don’t look good.

Yu Yu Hakusho 7. They look too different from Echoes’ CG cutscenes to come from Khara. Kaiser-Eoghan I liked the part between yuki and Epiisodeadditionally, I’m looking forward to seeing the full background for Haiji aswell. Perhaps I’m out of the loop, but I haven’t felt that show has been as mentioned as many other shows since. MP and Dororo were pretty good this week.

It’s both weird but also cool the look this movie has. Anonymous Also can’t wait for Lenlo to cover episode 8 of Paranoia Agent since that’s an incredibly fucked up episode right there.


I’m not wholly against fillers if they are done correctly, sometimes they can be a short moment of peace in a characters hellish life, sometimes they can be amusing or flesh out characters or allow good character mo.

Even with its quirks, I found it to be a decent anime overall. I’m just going to stop even trying. And should i watch it English Dub or Sub? It’s barely readable and looks ugly. It was really hard for me to start watching this series. D Im on a break: I thought it was still airing?

I’ll add zetsen to the list just in case I don’t end up finishing the manga. Both are a bit slow and their plots aren’t exactly exceptional, but they should be a safe bet if you’re looking for drama.

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The latest episode is no slouch either, as it expands its universe considerably. In the wake of many a school based light novel show this may be the small bits of fresh air was can savor out of this overdone setting. Will be released in the end of or Q1 of Didn’t expect such a kicking OST, either.

Something unique and heartwarming like Mushishi is always welcome:

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