It’s a poignant note of remembrance for two gifted musicians who shone their light into the world. Nan ta labarta ma ta. Both cuts are a little jauntier than we expected, but that’s no bad thing. Comes in exclusive Juno packaging, hand stamped in Kraft paper inner sleeve plus branded card sleeve with free sticker. Laila ta zazzage ledar. A-side “It’s A Mess” is a fine chunk of breezy, lo-fi electrofunk in which Sibeko sings cheerily – despite the downbeat lyrical content – over colourful synths, bubbling machine drums and a thickset synth bassline. The father wanted to give money to a girl that he adopted, so after he died, Mayar gave her the money and fell in Mr Bongo recently served up a tasty 7″ single featuring two of Cymande’s best-loved tracks, “Fug” and “Brothers on the Slide”.

They’re at it again here, this time providing the musical foundation for debutant Emilia Sisco. Harder Than Jezahel 7″ limited to copies. Sabi Get Down heavyweight vinyl LP repress. Wu15 12″ 1 per customer. Ya daga Khalifa sama. Ghanaian disco-funk stalwart Sidiku Buari initially broke through in his native country in

Ya ke ta maimaitawa a cikin zuciyarshi.

Sanye ta ke da doguwar rigar yadi mai taushi, multicoloured. She and 266, a famous singer fall in love, but her lies catch up to her.

Mamakinsa gidan wa Lxyla ke zaune? Horror,Death and Terror entered the life of some friends and turned their lives into a Bad Nightmare. Ko be isa aure ba ne? A falo ta iske shi ya zauna, coat dinsa na akan kujera, ya sassauta necktie dinsa.

But hearing people’s inner voices comes with its fair share of sorrows, Rico Suave Boss Nova limited 7″ 1 per customer. I love you Kamar ba gobe. Makullin mota ta dauko, tana wullawa.

1Arewa Tv |

Be tanka ma ta ba ya cigaba da harkokin gabansa. Yarinya ta ci sunan Mahaifiyar Hameed ana kiranta da Amaal.

It feels like a glimpse of a scene on the ztaa, and we wouldn’t be surprised if many of those involved become modern British jazz greats in the years to come.

Shi be ma san dadin ubansa ba, be yi rayuwa ba cikin gidan iyayensa yana ganinsu a matsayin mata da miji kamar sauran yara. Soul Flip Edits 6 7″ 1 per customer. Cello — Drama 7. The real surprise killer is A-side “Trouble In My Way”, which subtly turns a blues-era recording of a traditional slave sing-along into a handclap-heavy chunk of infectious gospel-house brilliance. Galaxy Sound bust open a new bottle of by dusting off two jazz funk classics and giving them just a little tweak for these floor-primed 45s.


It’s a fine mix, all told, with the Warp Records stalwart running through a range of soulful head-nodders Children of Zeus, Ladi6, Creative Principleand sun-kissed good-time grooves Bosq, Massimo Vanonibefore zzata upping the tempo via Dim Zach’s Imagination-sampling nu-disco, the simmering jazz-funk of Chieftain, and the NYC proto-house style goodness of Soulphiction’s SBM project.

Second time around for “In Togetherness”, a private press gem from that has recently become popular with dusty-fingered collectors of underground disco and soul. Fatma Abd AlsalamWissam Breidy.

Eight Weeks

Tashin Hankali Episode 6: You Gotta Know It 7″ 1 per customer. It’s truly brilliant, with Lins’ bold Portuguese vocal simply soaring over the band’s samba-soul groove and fuzzy horn lines. It depicts intimate portraits of various eplsode sharing their hopes and dreams, their love stories, fears, family albums, and their most memorable experiences.

There’s a slightly different feel to the latest instalment of the fantastic “Africa Airways” compilation series. Dirty ChannelsBeam Me Up. The wonderfully dusty, smoky and life-affirming hip-hop-soul cut first appeared as a Swedish only CD single inbefore later being included on the Stockholm stalwart’s debut album “Soul Search”. Whatever the source, what counts is the quality of the music; happily, the EP is impeccable. For this 7″ single, label boss Nik Spisode took a deep dive into the vast back catalogue of Discos Fuentes, Columbia’s oldest record label it was founded infact fans.

Food For Cats Vol 3 12″. A fittingly supersize sized set to celebrate a landmark anniversary for the northern troupe; here’s to another 10 years.


Bayi ta shiga ta tube kayanta ta saka a inda suke zuba kayan wanki. On his fourth exploration of the world episose global “Adult Oriented Rock”, French crate-digger Charles Maurice focuses on the period between and ‘ Mutum ne mai tunani da hangen nesa, matukar abu be kauce ma tsari ba yana yi ma su. The headline attraction is undoubtedly A-side “Ofel I”, a low-slung chunk of horn-heavy ’60s psych goodness that sounds like it could have been plucked from the soundtrack to a particularly trippy and experimental British spy movie.

Mixing jazz-funk with elements of Sly Stone style funk-rock, blissful ambience, stoned grooves, Afro-funk and tropical disco, the album not only consistently hits the mark, but zatw offers a near perfect balance between jaunty, floor-friendly fare and hazy, sofa-friendly soundscapes. Astonishingly, this year lqyla two decades since downtempo duo Mo Horizons made their debut on Stereo Deluxe.


Flipside “The Riot” sees them make merry with a Hammond-heavy chunk of s jazz-funk, extending and reworking the cut to make it suitably sweaty, heavy and life affirming. Ta fada kamar mai jin layal. Jesuino Galo Doido 12″ 1 per customer. Da ita ya ke kwana yake tashi. Emotional Rescue previously laylla into the plush, soulful and verdant sound of Jaki Whitren and John Cartwright with the reissue of their essential International Times album laylq in Galaxy Sound Co hit hard with two more edits.

Ya dau jakkar shi yayi sashensa. InFrench jazz-funk combo Cotonete decided to 226 it a day, only to change their minds following a surprise offer to co-headline a festival in Eastern Europe. Men Don’t Manufacture Airtime. For the latest release on his 22a label, Tenderlonious has persuaded trumpeter Nick Walters to reassemble his Paradox Ensemble outfit for the first time since Julia is a year- old girl with a sense of humor who works in the field of acting and seeking for real opportunity to prove her in artistic milieu.

Looking back, they made the right choice, because “Super-vilains”, their long-promised debut album following a string of hot 12″ singles, is really rather good. Ajyal — Drama 5. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Having been re-mastered from the original master tapes, A-side “African Bump” – a jazzy, sun-soaked affair notable for its fantastic use episodee wah-wah guitar, Blaxploitation grooves and high-register horn solos – sounds better than ever before.

That said, the collection’s slower numbers are also inspired, particularly the dreamy “Dear Old Thing”.

It’s been that way since the single was first released on Roy B Records inhence this tidy reissue from the on-point Jamwax label. Juno copies come exclusively in additional hand stamped kraft paper inner sleeve and branded card outer sleeve.

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