Do you already have an account? Whether you simply like them or love them, that’s up to you. TVXQ is the group that has tremendous fandom. And these are another pics of YJ couple ring:. Now I am taking a small break getting down from the mountain and looking at my next aim. I cried becaus i realized music is not the only one that I should work.

This is the principle of UknowYunho, but at the same time, it’s the philosophy of JungYunho from his life Sources: Reply Parent Thread Link. Our own graduation party to celebrate ! Too close to express it frequently, but always I thank to him. I hate to do something to do harm to others. Which a brand is always there with fashion with the romantic not escape the fate of the same association, and that is Cartier.

The little one is also a men’s wedding band. He’s never broken the promise. I visit there especially when I am overwhelmed by some difficulties and problems that I need to resolve. You must log in or sign up to reply here. But I think I was able to grow up as a person.

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The invitations were were hand-written by Yunho himself, and were placed in envelopes with a bracelet each U-Know Yunho tied the bracelets around the wrist of each friend as they entered the party. I always take notes in order not to forget the things that I should never forget. Even at the meeting to discuss the party, he appeared dressed in casual clothes.

Backpack trips, Food dartier trips Sports: He has great interest in parties, likes Korean food, and enjoys the winter sport, snowboarding. The way I think of my fans has changed a lot.

I feel like being more outgoing person as I can communicate a lot with others from the show. Gyuhyun gave wine cellar as present for my house-warming party, so i’m getting interested from filling it out.


Yunho said, “This was a present from a close friend. The Celebrity welcomed his views and using the materials and crystals chosen by Yunho, The Celebrity has created a special bracelet using the design yunuo Yunho personally drew.

Actually he said he wants to be little perverse, or lives more funny life than now. The good thing is both are very positive character. But Lee Dong Wook was able to find clean, almost new, gaming devices. Which wine do you attract? Which a brand is always there with fashion with the romantic not escape the fate of the same association, and that is Cartier.

I want to make and gift souvenirs to the friends which I have yunh to the party. I visited her however, but I still regret that I missed the timing.

But if you lose people in the relationship with you, it never can be improved. TVXQ is the group that has tremendous fandom. NindyNov 28, There’s one on either side, so that it allows the middle ring to ‘spin’, or for the ring to be worn as caartier necklace.

It’s passing 25years of your life, what’s changed? You seems wach be very close friend to Gyuhyun in SuperJunior. Time of JungYunho stops and new boy was born in there and grown up from it. You cannot see anything if you are in the middle of the mountain because you have clouds and fogs covering yinho top of other mountains.

Do you already have an account? When thinking back those days, it happened a lot to us. Especially, I drinks dry red wine.

Personally, I think they stopped wearing the rings cause erm, it’s caused quite a stir and people was debating about their “couple” status. I’ve forgotten my password. I wanted to show people that everyone can have all these friends who share the same dream, though everyone may lead different, busy lives.

How carttier ups and downs from the top from your TVXQ career? Diamond Ring 7 Februari The one that is supposedly from Jaejoong I have no idea if this is true or not As the years passed by, they transformed into mature celebrities who know what humility is. But I felt same ways of thinking a lot and having wtch issues even though I got accomplished something. What about a bracelet? My father told me that once you climbed up the top of Mudeungsan, you can see the top of another mountain.


The real fact when Yunjae Shippers did research they found that the boys had signed up with VERITE jewelers, but fact that Yunjae were still caught wearing the Cartier rings even after the contract was signed was what had made fans suspicious of the rings. Someday, I can be less in popularity, or cannot show great performance in the stage than before as growing old.

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And after 3 months of learning, Choikang Changmin took his first step out as a photographer and completed the cool photographs. Then in the end of such a happy life, can it be there to have great results even without my set-up goal? It doesn’t need to be huge party, but I like the cheerful and warming drinks Q: Discussion in ‘ ‘ started by Nindy cqrtier, Nov 28, No, create an account cadtier.

Dishes that were served at the party. Now we are climbing Mt. A prom party is used as an important plot point. I am really interested in knowing what part do you feel that you grew up as a person? Halfway through the party, Kang In unfortunately had to leave for his radio program.

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