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Duel Monsters , Raws , Japanese Tags: Click here to see his full Barian form. Dub Outclassed and Outmatched Full Episode. Five God Dragon — Noah vs. Click here to see his form after absorbing Vector. They all were once human who were killed in their previous lives via some accident, battle, or betrayal, and then reincarnated as Barians. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you’ve watched, earn points and more.

They are able to do this. The Barian world is an alien realm at war with the Astral world, but due to both being energy worlds they have taken to using brainwashed mooks in the human world to further the destruction of the Astral world. Get Known if you don’t have an account. However, this information is being hidden from him by Don Thousand, so his reaction remains to be seen, other than involuntary reactions of fear and occasional recognition within the ruins themselves.

Masquerade Magician – Shining, and CNo. Duel MonstersRawsJapanese Tags: Each of the Legendary Numbers is related to one of them due to them being near the areas where Astral sealed the numbers away.

Their human forms are forms they involuntarily take while on Earth. She is the owner of No. Seemingly the leader of the Barians that saved Tron and are now attacking Yuma.

Faker and Tron’s villainous actions. Torrents for raw versions of all episodes can be found here. Mizael wastes no time at all, and immediately confronts Yuma and Astral. Ragna Zero, and CNo.


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He is feared by many due to controlling a being no-one else can control, No. The Chaos to Astral World’s Order. One of two Barian Emperors said to be missing. They have very low opinions when it comes to mankind borne from how poorly their lives as humans turned out. Pegasus — Kaiba Falls! Of DOMA from the original show as they’re a colourful cabal of misanthropic duelists who use a very powerful custom spell card to corrupt players, steal souls, and give them a gigantic advantage during games.

Each Emperor has a color that matches them. One day however, Don Thousand, in the form of an old man, brainwashed both the prince’s council and the prince himself, and had Alito put up to death, modifying his memories in the process to fill him with hate, causing his rebirth as a Barian.

zeroo However, when disasters struck the land, a shaman from another state declared the dragon responsible. JavaScript and Adobe Flash 9 or above are required to view this video. Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon. Stated by Durbe to have been the leader of the seven when he was around.

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His true origins relate to the story of the Knight and Pegasus, which is told in the first set of ruins that hold one of the 7 legendary Numbers No.

Both turn out to be true. In zexaal Barian forms.

Wpisode site uses cookies. At least, until Mizael arrives. Later episodes have their eyes glow pink. The Barian World itself used to be one with the Astral World, but was separated from it when the Astrals attempted to expel chaos from their world in order to Rank-Up. There can be only one Galaxy-Eyes holder!


Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

Return to Login Forgot Password. More Than Zro Control: They are the seven emperors who rule the Barian world. At one point, Durbe used his name while he was trapped in the human world. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Click here to see his full Barian form. Season 3, Episode – Yu-Gi-Oh! Following the return of Vector, he goes along with his plans and seemingly abdicates his position as the group’s leader.

Get updates about new videos! Create Account Forgot Password. He befriended a tanuki, Ponta, while on the battlefield one day. Hugioh is the most level-headed among them, though he intimidates them namely Alito into doing his bidding at times. Bakura — One Turn Kill. Eventually, he and Kiraku parted ways in order to protect Ponta and Kiraku was killed in a battle.

The second Barian Emperor to appear on Earth, Alito believes that Girag’s lack of progress makes him unsuitable to represent the Barians on Earth; however, shortly after arriving, Alito proceeds to fall in love with Kotori, distracting him from the Barian mission as well.

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