And then the future would be better! My bullshit main character powers have failed me! I have the weirdest boner right now. And I’m about to exploit the hell out of it! That you were most likely to win? The Pokemon theme plays I don’t even know what that is!

My name is Dr. The Pokemon theme plays I don’t even know what that is! Oh no, the crew has mysteriously disappeared! Look, you’ve got three monsters and I’ve only got one. And with that, I’m fairly sure we’ve exhausted every variation on that joke. You lose life points. After all, I-I still have my dignity Is it his dashing good looks?

Scwew the weuwules, I have the Shiibaldahhhbaladoobalabadah! The man in charge of the organization that has taken over my company Mokuba, remind me to dock the flight crew’s pay for the hours they missed while being magically te. And how do you choose to spend it? If we make one more, this whole place might explode.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series / Tear Jerker – TV Tropes

It’s all about you, isn’t it, Kaiba? Especially one that means as much to you as him.

My hair teopes inviting you to enter! Yes, we were able to get famed sound designer Ben Burch to create the Gay Elephant Noise using a combination of sounds taken from an elephant and a gay man.


I can’t stop staring at them! Wait, like, the orange guy from Earth who just lost the presidential election last year?

Well, that was a fairly uneventful trip. You must have spent years researching it. You had a zero-point-one. You stay away from Mai, or I’ll—”.

Do as I say! Yug, she’s in a coma!

Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series

Now how about we play a little game. And it was at that moment that I decided that all of humanity was evil and deserved to be punished! Everyone knows that Seto Kaiba is an obsessive egomaniacal scumbag. No, it would just mean there would be even more history. Each episode of this series compresses several clips of YGO episodes into four- to eleven-minute clips, which point out and make fun of some of the really absurd plot points of yutioh series just how does Kaiba manage to climb that cliff with a briefcase in his hand?

Maybe we have committed copyright infringement. Like she started off acting like she didn’t need ttv depend on other people, and she was all headstrong and stubborn, but then she started to understand that friends aren’t a weakness and that they can help you get through the parts of life that are too difficult to handle alone.


Episode 68 – Mad Mai. This will be enforced by the staff members and badgers. But by all means, call me “adopted”. Wait, didn’t we know about Atlantis thee whole time? Rebecca mentions to Duke that she has played Dungeon Dice Monsters, and it’s her favorite board game. The joke’s on you, Dartz, because Tbe haven’t seen any hentai!

You’re right, I’m sorry. Give me a G! You’re quite right that I could not have done it all alone.

OK, Joey, I’m going to level with you — I may have lied about the pizza. Prevent you from what? Because I’m Joey Wheeler: Sometimes, I can still hear his shrill, annoying voice.

I’m not a player hater.

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