Ishita says we all are with him. Ishita gets teary eyed and thinks she knows when Raman lies to her, but why is he lying after meeting Shagun, whats happening. Abhishek says yes, we should make friends on online dating apps. Last updated Sep 30, Abhishek says no, dating means friendship in india, go online, download app, make profile and chat with girls, when Vandu and Mihika know this, they will realize what they did. Simmi comes home and takes Ishita away. Welcome, Login to your account. Raman gets glad knowing Shagun is pregnant and asks can I tell this to Ishita.

Are you guys heart broken with the current track? I used to be a big fan of him. Romi 30th Sep – Chichi 30th Sep – 8: They will roaming together because of baby…..! Raman knows only to cry …..

Last updated Sep 30, Peisode today episode also when bala and acp convo was there I remembered old episode of YHM. Raman gets glad knowing Shagun is pregnant and asks can I tell this to Ishita.

Up next was petite lady Neha Marda. She asks about his day.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st September 2015 Episode 556

When we do not have evidence, how can we come to a conclusion. Hiding such a serious thing from Ishitha.

I got attached too much for a fiction shw…. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. How can he put Mihir behind the bars. And this manoj and shagun, I want to kill them.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Here are some reactions of fans for surrogacy track. It was Roopal Tyagi who made an exit from the show in the first week. She says you know Mihir, do you feel Mihir can do this, how can you fpisode so. Ishita asks Neelu to make chicken. Bhalla takes care of Rohit. Darshika 1st Oct – 4: The difference is Raman loves Shagun and Raman takes Ishita for granted.

Looks like the wild card entrants have failed to make their place and please its audience. Welcome, Login to your account.

Raman is thinking he is giving so much happiness to Ishita but he does not listen to her requests. That would be much better than seeing all these bulshit. Appa welcomes him and says Mihika went to meet lawyer, she will come. She scolds him for putting Mihir in jail.

Is Ishita dead?

Abhishek comes in the compound. But he teaches manoj, how to love a woman by pampering shagun. Can anybody tell me?? Raman has already been a so stupid and childish.

I think Ekta wants shagun to be positive nd she wants to highlight shagun so that d viewers who hates shagun vote for her…. A loving husband can do like this? Ishita asks anything special today. Nothing left in the show to comment mohabbqtein but I think ishra baby girl vill be named as rinki. Not a great actress though negative role she did well.


Manoj says we have to wait epsode 6 weeks. Simmi sees Raman crying and asks what happened. Ishita and Simmi talk about Shagun. Raman comes home and says he got icecream for everyone. Agree with you all.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – 21 september – Full Episode Part 2 – video dailymotion

Appa says its okay. Bala says its good for bachelors, not for married men. Manoj asks her to mohabbwtein down. He says there is a good news. Hao has created many problems, I have seen Raman there. We started to watch the show becuz of the unique lovestory between raman n ishita and how she becomes successful in giving birth to child NOT shagun giving birth to their child!!

Raman says he thought to change environment.

Manoj says yes, come and talk to her, she is worried for Mihir. Ishita and Simmi worry.

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