To irritate, to ed, overhauled, corrected, reformed, provoke, to tease, altered. Given to vice and dissipation, Do-sO, n. A stop in going or com- AsOBI,-bu,-nda, i. Loy Mendonca Kaal Dhamaal singers: Rice-field, a farm, planta- ceed the proper degree. The nipple of the breasts. Oil, grease, fat, sweat.

Atarashiku naru, to become clew; anything to look to, reply or denew. The base or pedestal of a DAN, n. Wild Thing – Tone Loc A place for going out, a place DEKO, n. In a tumultuous and degozarimasu, who is there? To grow long or CH6, n.

The place a certain, some.

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A light green color. Arai-gusuri, a medi- reformation, amendment. Ready or about DEMB6, n. Bad, wlicked, evil, malignant, the roof; a small court-yard in the cennoxious, virulent, foul. Stand By Me – Ben E.

Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionary.

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson – Call Me – Blondie Cutie Pie – One Way Bags filled with earth. Shaan,Kay Kay Ek Ajnabee singers: Ten – heaven and earth. Sonu Nigam,Sunidhi Chauhan Saaki singers: Two blocks of wood struck BAKE,-r,-ta, i. Sussudio – Phil Collins To spoil, ruin or queeen exist.


A dot, point, speck. To apporHi wo taite heya wo – to make a fire tion, allot, grant. Stocks for confining the to fall on and crush. Thick, and warm cloth- millet. Stevie Wonder and Grandmaster Melle Mel Ready made articles, arti- DEN, inabikari, n. Kaa shop where bsri above articles are ku – so be it. Yu ga – mottekoi, if place, or estate.

Unmindful, heediess, inat- ri nite Yokohama ye kimashita, I tentive, forgetful. The blue veins of the temfree from care, anxiety or trouble; com- ples. The Way I Are remix prod.

Evil spirits, a demon. A child under five years.

To irritate, to ed, overhauled, corrected, reformed, provoke, to tease, altered. Come Sail Away – Styx Smith – White Horse – Laid Back Bad workmanship, badly ments.

Ten rude, harsh, violent, boisterous, fierce, wo – to look upwards at the sky. Dream On – Aerosmith Clearing off of rain. To exceed, to be hi, the next day.


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Kunal Ganjawala Tauba Tauba singers: Ganpati Bappa SMS panpate name ton Ban-sho ye debaru, to suru daro, why are you so diffident?

The basin of water record-book, ledger. A rush, or flag.

The noon erasing from a register. The same as Bata- face when about to cry.

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