The Japanese team enters the arena, with Sayaka carrying the flag Matsuda comments that the honor must have been bought by the Honami money. Matsuda, who has been staking out Shinnosuke’s condo, sees Yawara run out crying, and interprets that Shinnosuke has having done “something heinous” to her. Yawara is more concerned about Hanazono passing his Saikai exam than the tournament, and as it turns out, he did not pass. Matsuda spies on them out of jealousy, and they have a blowup over Yawara; Matsuda threatens to tattle to Sayaka. As Yawara defeats each opponent, Hanazono and Fujiko try to celebrate together, but they are quickly interrupted by Fujiko’s parents. Registration gives you more benefits and you can also receive e-mails from us regarding new movie releases.

Now Yawara has to beat 5 judokas in a row. Kuniko tries to give the “fan letter” to Yawara, but she ignores her as she is in a mental zone. Hanazono is ahead initially, but Inagaki gets the upper hand later, as Fujiko hides behind the Saikai team unable to watch up-close. They do so and Shinnosuke shows up bearing flowers for Yawara. Yawara tells her to strike first against Teleshikova before she could pick up her un deux trois rhythm. As Yawara continues to fake her way through the match, Jigoro becomes suspicious and finally realizes that Yawara is trying to lose; Matsuda for his part is unable to continue watching the fake defeat and decides to leave, meeting an unknown woman on the outside asking about the match. A Fashionable Judo Girl fmovies Yawara! Hanazono and Fujiko discuss their possible future together, and only Yawara amongst their friends is clueless that they are a couple.

Jody wins with an ippon throw, but Teleshikova uses a collar strangle instead, surprising the observers. Belkins the Belgium Judo Queen gives a press conference, and Matsuda tries to fan flames of competition between her and Teleshikova and Yawara.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl episode 117

In an attempt to motivate Yawara, Matsuda takes her shopping for feminine clothes and then to Hayami, where they see Sayaka training hard with Shinnosuke including running with steel sandals while carrying a tire on a ropeand Shinnosuke helping Sayaka after she fell. In the semifinal, it is Sayaka’s school against Mitsuba College. After the match, Shinnosuke cannot stop his womanizing ways and invite Yawara’s three friends for more discussion about judo over coffee.


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Shinnosuke is too craven to cancel the engagement, which he is rehearsing mentally, as Sayako discusses how many expensive dresses to buy with her mother and a designer. By remembering Yawara’s instructions, Kyon-Kyon wins by sweeping her opponent’s legs from under her. Director of this anime is talented, insanely talented man I walked into this anime series totally blind. ALthough Itou is afraid that her ballet training might be useless there, her dancing to the music of Swan Lake turns out to be a hit.

She takes down another opponent with “Katsuya you jerkwad! She thinks Shinnosuke is sweet and wonderful and has no eipsode about his womanizing and other lies.

Yawara compensates by over-drinking. The train on which Fujiko is on experiences a delay, and she gets off to run to the stadium just as the finals match begins.

Swan Lake VS the Uranage!!

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Sudoh continues to harass Yawara by peeking into her bathroom and crank calling, as well as making fun of her on the bus. He tells Matsuda to keep fighting for Yawara at their parting. When Yawara arrives in casual clothing, Sayaka makes fun of her epiosde all others are in formal attire except for Jigoro, who has crashed the party for the free food. Fujiko trains tirelessly at the camp and knocks out male judokas, Jigoro asks the judo officials whether they have decided who will represent Japan in the free weight division they have not; they are hoping for Yawara, who is qualified for the under 48kg division.

Accompanied by Sayaka is being trained in Europe by Pornalef, a judo expert who also happens to idolize Jigoro. 171 last second move that could have led to a victory by Sayaka, however, comes too late, and Kim is declared the victor. For the free weight finals match, Teleshikova defeats Canada’s Kristin Adams with her uranage, a scene which is not shown and only related by a report filed by Matsuda.

Matsuda drives Yawara at breakneck speed to the high school arena in his moped which has no brakes. The uncle and Jigoro do not get along, as they argue over whether a teacup or judo tatami is more important.

Yawara finally decides to enter the Cup and start training camp. The crowd cheer for Sayaka, not for the unknown underdog Fujiko. Fujiko’s parents relate her long “tragic” history of never coming in first place, no matter how hard she tried, and believe she will fail here epieode. She overhears Jigoro telling Yuutenji that he has been turning down job offers secretly, greatly angering her; the Tsurukame travel agency to which she had applied sends its president to recruit her and watch the tournament.


When Matsuda cannot suppress his enthusiasm for a possible cover story about Barcelona championship match between Yawara and Jody, Yawara becomes upset and throws the clueless Matsuda.

Episode 117 (1992) Season 1 Episode 217- Yawara! Anime Episode Guide

A Fashionable Judo Epiosde is the best online anime I have saw this year. Executing her signature “un, epsode, trois! Fujiko discloses for the first time to Jigoro that Yawara is quitting judo. In the remaining semifinal, Tohodoh has only gotten bigger against Fujiko, and both judokas begin the contest with much fighting spirit a change for Fujiko, who is usually nervous.

Although she does not expect to compete in Yugoslavia, Fujiko is still training hard, not knowing that Yawara secretly wants to renege on her promise. The taxi driver fan helps him yell cheers loud enough for her to hear, and she defeats Krushcheve with her trademark quick ippon zeoi after she notices Matsuda at the ringside.

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Although he tries to rush the ring, he is arrested by security, but Jody rescues him. Yamashita confides to another sportscaster that he had suffered the same type of defeat against Kojiro Inokuma during a match, but later scored a lucky victory in a private match, prompting Kojiro to disappear in his search to become epidode.

Tsurukame’s president has become a Yawara fan and decides that they will never lie to her, though they believe she is heading for Sakai. Sayaka is leaving the arena after Yawara is ruled a loss by default, but Kojiro orders her to go back and compete.

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