Masaki Terasoma as Kawachi’s Father. Kawachi meets a young nun who turns out to be his mentor on baking bread, during his stay. Kanmuri gets the idea of flash-freezing the mangoes before adding them to the filling, and Azuma seems to get another idea of how to mould the waffles by looking at a little clay haniwa idol. Then, it’s Azuma’s turn. Pierrot’s reaction includes a complex code that only Azuma solves, revealing he is very strong when it comes to numbers. After buying the mangoes, the team tries to make waffles with them, but fails miserably because the waffles fall apart immediately after cooking.

The theme for the next round is Uppurui and the task is to make a bread with nori , and with the Pantasia team having to face off against Miki Norihei, a famous chef who is renowned for his skills in preparing nori, the situation looks grim. Kanmuri counteracts this by using Kinoshita’s cloning ability to create a live bread-making demonstration outside Pantasia. Toshio Hasegawa Special Thanks To: Daisuke Ono as Examinee Guard 2 ep MediaLink Entertainment Limited Dubbing: Monica is shocked because no one has ever told her that her hands were beautiful.

Akimitsu Takase as Worker. When they hear that the manager, afro-sporting Ken Matsushiro, must sample it before it can be sold in the bakery, they seek him out at a horse race track.

Yakitate!! Japan Episode 67 English Subbed

After being rescued from the cave, Azuma and the gang finally meet the king of Monaco, who is also the new chairman of the competition after the former one ran away after being suspected of fixing the competition. Atelier Musa 28 episodes eps 1, 3, 6, 8, 11, 13, 16, 19, 21, 24, odd, 36, 39, 41, ya,itate, 46, 49, 51, 54, 57, 59, 61, 64, 66, Azuma gets the idea of brewing the nori in cola, and when Kawachi tastes it, he transforms into a Pepsiman lookalike and rescues a girl from drowning.


As he sees Azuma kneading his bread, he determines that Azuma has the Solar Hands. Jouji Nakata as Gran Kaiser. Tarusuke Shingaki as MIB. Login or Register forgot it? Kenichi Motohashi Doga Kobo; eps englisb, 19, Kenji Nojima as Takumi Tsubotzuka eps It’s the middle of the sixth round of the Yakitate!! Ai ga jisshiri tsumatta pan! Keiji Okuda as St.

Yakitate Japan Episode 67 English Subbed at gogoanime

The newcomer duet is still working on their bread for the competition. Japan 21 gou jaa! Pierrot is revealed to have ” Bombay blood ” and is on the verge of dying. Because of the incident on the island, a re-match is being held in Mexico.

Katsuhisa Houki as Boss ep Kanmuri is now an employee of episodr Southern Tokyo branch in place of Kawachi, who has moved to the main store.

Daisuke Gouri as Ortiga ep Takashi Inagaki as Gaia ep Kore ga Kyuukyoku Kurowa-san!? At the end of the story, Team Japan has sug asleep, as it was 3 a. It is based on a manga by Takashi Hashiguchi. MediaLink Entertainment Limited Dubbing: The theme is Saito and the task is to make a bread with the region’s local mangoes.


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Japan 44 gou jaa! Azuma promises him that he can send him to heaven with a new Japan, since he can no longer make his Japan 44 due to not having his petalite slab. Pierrot epixode it off until the King hugs him tightly and weeps for him as he is taken away by the angels.

Then, it’s Azuma’s turn.

Kyuukyoku no taruto taiketsu! Suub pan wo tsukure ” Japanese: He doesn’t understand why Suwabara is doing such a thing. Kouji Ochiai as Horse.

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Kawachi then realises that he didn’t start baking because he wanted to make money, he started baking because he wanted to be ‘cool’ like his father, who kept trying to achieve his dreams no matter how many times he failed.

The Monaco Cup Finals Begin!

Motoko Kumai as Tom Crusoe ep Production Pastel Production I. Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, Azuma begins hollowing out the poor quality French loaf he had asked Kawachi to prepare for him in the previous episode and hammering the crust flat.

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