Kanmuri later exposes his risky plan to Matsushiro; Kawachi overhears, when he plans to visit everyone at the Southern Tokyo branch. Tsukino goes to her mother’s grave as it is her mother’s anniversary while Kawachi is versing Katsuo “Pig-boy” Umino in the Pantasia main branch. Monica dresses up in beach attire at the competition, hoping to try to dissuade Suwabara but he only rips off all of his clothing except for a small loincloth, and both start baking in relatively no clothing. He then takes a bite of Kawachi’s bread and launches into a story about his circus friends. This apparently gives Kanmuri an idea. However, after eating Norihei’s bread, Kuroyanagi’s reaction causes the entire anime to briefly assume the painting style of Claude Monet. Chichi ga eranda ichiryuu no otoko! Kawachi also tries to get rid of his habit of saying “what was that?!

Kawachi panics when Kaname points out that Azuma has added fruit juice directly to the dough, rather than boiling it beforehand to neutralize the proteases in the juice. An invitation is sent to the two newest members of the Southern Tokyo Branch, for the annual “Newcomers Competition” – a tournament of every Pantasia newcomer. Kanmuri counteracts this by using Kinoshita’s cloning ability to create a live bread-making demonstration outside Pantasia. Tsukino, Kawachi and Kuroyanagi both think Azuma has gone crazy when he stuffs the bread into a garbage bag, but Matsushiro senses that he has a plan up his sleeve. After buying the mangoes, the team tries to make waffles with them, but fails miserably because the waffles fall apart immediately after cooking. The Pantasia team is terrified at having to face off against a professional Chinese chef, but Azuma suddenly comes up with a plan. Azuma finishes first and puts his bread up for Kuroyanagi, who, after eating it, performs a long and complicated reaction involving sixteen people with the same name and marrying a very ugly woman only to divorce her while explaining his analysis of the bread.

On the scheduled day of the match, Kayser reveals their true form. He therefore aims to make a bread that anyone, even someone with allergies, can yakitwte. Tsukino goes to her mother’s grave as it is her mother’s anniversary while Kawachi is versing Katsuo “Pig-boy” Umino in wpisode Pantasia main branch.

Kawachi then realises that he didn’t start baking because he wanted to make money, he started baking because he wanted to be ‘cool’ like his father, who kept trying to achieve his dreams no matter how englsh times he failed.

Kuroyanagi and Ken had been at loggerheads for years after Ken drove Kuroyanagi away during his apprenticeship, but Matsushiro explains that he realized Kuroyanagi was meant to be a food critic after the young Kuroyanagi deduced the proportions of ingredients as well as the fermentation and cooking times and temperatures of a loaf of bread just yzkitate smelling it.

The Pantasia team is terrified at having to face off against a professional Chinese chef, but Azuma suddenly comes up with a plan. Neither of the two brothers wants to succeed their father as a Yakuza leader, so they have made a bet that whoever loses the next match will have to abandon their culinary dreams and take over the syndicate.


Yakitate!! Japan Episode 18 English Subbed/Dubbed | AnimeRhino

When Kuroyanagi comes back to life after the effects of the bread have worn off, he declares Azuma the winner. Monica almost tearfully implores the Pantasia team to find Suwabara and prevent him from committing harakiri as he said he would if he lost to Azuma.

The judging is about to begin, and Azuma arrives just before the final 20 minutes of the match. Little do they know, Azuma has the legendary “Solar Hands”. Surrounded by a sea of flames, Kawachi and Suwabara are saved by one of the Egyptian representatives.

Pantasia’s opponents are two mysterious ninjas and using the region’s specialty, bent scallions, Azuma must make a Japan that will surely defeat his fierce opponents. Surprisingly, after eating the bread, he declares Kazuma’s bread the winner.

When you know your bread is good, you give it to everyone you want to taste it. However, there is a secret behind the bread, and Kawachi hakitate agrees to make it. Kindan no Rodan Sakusen!

Saigo no bansan, oaji ha ika ga? Pierrot is ecstatic and it looks like Shadow has won, but while Kawachi panics, Tsukino, Kanmuri and Matsushiro remain perfectly calm. Englis Life Or Death Crisis! Taiyou no te VS Honoo no ude! Meanwhile Kawachi goes on to win his match, and gives Azuma an idea.

Start of the New Program “Yakitate! The episode starts with Kawachi englosh on Suwabara being foolish in using his sword to carve a wooden log in the middle of the road. Kishikaisi no urutora C!

Azuma ends up leaving, only to be discovered later to have visited Shadow, who turns out to be just as disturbing as he seemed.

Pierre wins the next match, they could take all of Pantasia’s points and knock them out of the tournament. This episods parodied the popular anime series Naruto.

Yakitate!! Japan Episode 18 English Subbed

When the reaction to Kazuma’s Ultimate Japan wears off, Kirisaki sniggers at Kazuma and asks if his Japan is finally perfect, but Kazuma vows to keep experimenting and swears that one day he will beat Kirisaki with his Japan. Pierrot says that it was not a pointless story, but a story of ‘Victor, Me, and Ed.

Japan 2 gou jaa! During that time team Japan is reunited, however now that the forest had been burnt down by team France, there is no way to gather fruit to use in making the sweet bread. Azuma begins hollowing out the poor quality French loaf he had asked Kawachi to prepare for him in the previous episode and hammering the crust flat.

With Suwabara having lost his match and his heart to Yzkitate. He pronounces Pantasia jzpan winners, but when Engglish protests, Kuroyanagi faints from blood loss when the bamboo sprigs puncture his sun. Using Kuroyanagi as a sniffer, they track Suwabara to a river, where he is about to stab himself. Later, when they are alone, Suwabara tells Monica a tragic story of his abandonment by his father, but promises to be the sort of father that his child will look up to.


The three newcomers stay in France for a month for training to make bread especially for the French people; they train under Meister Kirisaki’s younger sister Sophie Balzac Kirisaki.

Conan suub not to hear in order that Kawachi loudly repeats the phrase ‘Conan, you measel!

Yakitate!! Japan – Episode 21 –

Things do not look good for Pantasia He barely made it and Kuroyanagi scolded him by shouting “You’re late!! The King of Monaco reveals he has “Bombay blood” and goes to rescue Pierrot.

Azuma has finished his Japan 61 and serves it to Pierrot.

Tsubozuka, shocked, immediately starts accusing Kuroyanagi of being partial to Pantasia, but after tasting the bread himself, transforms into a lookalike of Kitaro from GeGeGe no Kitarodown to Kitaro’s signature needle-hair attack. Kazuma makes a promise to the old man to use his loquats in his tart during the match so he can prove to Yukino they truly are delicious. Can preservatives really beat fresh fruits? To the ends of the Universe Ja-pan?!

Pantasia leads the Yakitate!! As well Japan’s opponent is France. Despite its title, the two competitors in this episode are not actually nude, rather undressing into the bare minimum clothing appropriate for the younger age groups. Kawachi also tries to get rid of his habit of saying “what was that?! Kazuma had finished creating his “secret weapon” with the help of Grandpa Umasaburou and baked his ultimate Japan 44 to thank him.

Yakitate japan episode 5 english sub

Kuroyanagi is worried because Shadow’s bread can create impossible reactions on ordinary people, not just hypersensitive types like him and Pierrot, so he wonders how Azuma will fare. Kuroyanagi tastes Suwabara’s bread and ends up twisting himself out of shape, but when he goes to taste Azuma’s bread, Suwabara grabs it out of his hand and takes off.

Shadow engllish first and when Pierrot tastes his bagel, he is transported into Night on the Galactic Railroad his mother’s favorite fairytale where he speaks to the ghost of his mother up in space.

But the more coins that are gained the more of a disadvantage is gained. Tsukino, their new supervisor, teaches Kazuma how to make French bread.

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