That brought him to Youth Uprising, where he landed a part-time gig teaching workshops to inner-city teens. Savion was creating the visual reenactment of Smith’s “Ice Cold,” a boastful, infectious rap with a bare-bones snare beat. The dancers’ intentions were simple. On a broader scale, they were urban urchins, reflecting and deflecting the harsh realities of their violent, unpredictable lives by fearlessly dig-diving into cement, spinning ferociously on their heads or cocking their hands like pistols. Most of the Turf Feinz wear dreadlocks, baseball caps, and metal tooth grills. People have been influenced all over the world by our young people’s talent, skills and ambitions,” he said. It was raining on the day of the ” RIP Rich D ” film shoot, and the crew members had hooded sweatshirts and black bandanas pulled over their eyes. Which brought them into a tight relationship with several East Oakland dancers.

The driver survived, but a passenger died. A high school track star and football player, he has the lanky, rubber-band body of a ballerina. Nor was it unusual for him to see police lights in the distance — this was East Oakland, after all. Saturday at the Roxie Theater. That’s when Dreal came to the medium. Savion featured the police lights in one shot.

Prospective gang members chose pirouettes over pistols, peace over peril.

But they’re still grappling with the cops. Critics and culture vultures began touting the new dance phenomenon. Best of the East Bay. BJ answers with a series of body pops, making his arms and legs slither with reptilian grace.

Subscribe to this thread:. Adidas hired them to make commercials. Smith strutted in the foreground.

String Trio doe ‘Sgt. They include multiple contemporary street dances — b-boying, popping, electro, and more — and have been shot on a London bus, BART station escalators, international street corners, subways and construction sites. A high school track star and football player, he has the lanky, rubber-band body of a ballerina. A man finished a cigarette and flicked it into a puddle fllms Man and No Noize.


Yak moved into making its own house music. Not in the context of being famous or being recognized, but in the context of just being there that day. Music is the conductor directing the flow. There, he cobbled together a major combining sociology, ethnic studies, history, art, and multimedia that he called “New Media, Art, and Social Change.

Showing 1- 2 of 2. A fils had swerved, hitting a pole, then a tree, then a gate. Which brought them into a tight relationship with several East Oakland dancers. Savion and the other crew members are getting assignments in Brazil and Germany.

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Childlike Wonder, Adult Wisdom. Their dress — pants hanging well below waistlines and baseball caps or hoodies casting shadows — could not dilms their individual and collective creativity.

Saturday at the Roxie Theater. Kids and staff members were all talking in somber tones about an accident that had occurred the night before, on 90th and MacArthur — blocks yoramm from where Savion was shooting the Mr. The four christened their operation Yak Films.

In search of the perfect sexual neo-neologism. His neck is inked with red and black hearts dedicated to “Nai” and “my big sister Kia. Video is the frame, filmz tight or clipped aggressively for forceful, dramatic energy.

A beat by local producer Erk Tha Jerk thrums somberly in the background. In March he took his camera to a huge French B-Boy event called Juste Debout and guerrilla-filmed a three-minute montage. In an interview from France, Savion said the films sxvion with documenting the homegrown dance movement that has exploded onto the global stage.

Not knowing the circumstances, Savion thought the lights would be a nice addition to the rap video he was shooting for the local MC Mr.


FILM SCREENINGS & DISCUSSION | Flows with Yoram Savion – MoAD Museum of African Diaspora

He’d scouted the location, then assembled a small crew of turf dancers and extras to complete the scenic design. By Rachel Swan rachelswan. Dance is the language, articulating the good-out-of-pain message Savion said has never fillms. Their pants sag well below the waistline. Local blogs picked up the story.

The Turf Feinz Go Viral

It wasn’t unusual for Yoram Savion to find himself standing in front of a liquor store at 90th and Bancroft avenues on a brittle Sunday night in December. Holiday Guide A guide to this holiday season’s gifts, outings, eats, and more. They wanted to memorialize Davis and sanctify the corner where he died. They made filmss nice touch, he said.

FILM SCREENINGS & DISCUSSION | Flows with Yoram Savion

Catmull Actress Embraces Shakespeare Mt. Yet, their bodies are taut and agile.

So he and Savion decided to go back to the corner and film a turf dance tribute to Davis. The next day Savion went to Youth Uprisingan East Oakland teen center where he teaches film and multimedia production. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Once Yak Films built its European platform, its videos became hot.

The Turf Feinz are expanding their repertoire to include house music, Michael Jackson, and even ballet, Dreal said. We’ve developed more techniques and ideas around how to film dance in urban environments, we’ve mastered different strategies that can lead us to freestyle storytelling,” he said.

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