Watari watashi puts it beautifully regarding the title, My Teenage RomCom is wrong as expected. Is Yui always the best of them? Helped me a lot to understand all their speeches. You are commenting using your WordPress. So here we are. September 6, at

Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life. Learn how your comment data is processed. Originally Posted by wutx July 5, at And bad home atmosphere. Thank you again and I hope we get 3rd season with more Iroha development haha.

Except her greed might cost her at least one friend.

My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU – Episode 13 – English – HD – video dailymotion

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! May 28, at But this season, man, I sure loved this season. If you want to watch Hyouka for its gorgeous visuals and character moments, you can also try the currently-airing Euphonium. This season sure was heavy on the drama, but it felt earned. In their case, it always ends up wrong.

Danke, might do K. I think Hyouka is close, but is I think probably more slice of episove orientated. October 24, at Originally Posted by rubinkazan. Originally Posted by ShadowBarkley.


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Goddamn I wish that further seasons of this was made. Hikki being Hikki, both girls being cute but nowhere near Saika’s level, sensei being lulzy. She also finally builds up her trust in other people at this point. So what did we have last episode, that was filled with notable scenes? When Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause yahri

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Should we expect season 3 of OreGairu? Or perhaps you think about masks and self differently then I do?

Originally Posted by wutx Notify me of new comments via email. July 9, at Looks like they will finish volume 7 in the next episode or so, don’t really mind it but hopefully they slow down the pace when it comes to volume 8,9 and 10 if it’s included in s2 since a lot of things happen in these volumes.

June 30, at Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life. August 22, at July 5, at Life is hard as an LN protagonist. September 6, at She refused to let Yukino walk away, since Yukino saw herself as third wheel in their relationship.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Yes, it is, it just might not be what she wants the mostbut I think it is.

The other one, especially to OreGairu S2 and the whole concept of jealousy and expectations is very much Hyouka. Ratings are quite arbitrary!

Well hope they will create another season for it. It is clear and inferred at this point that they had a relationship in the past, but something very bad happened and Hayato is willing to do just about anything by the end to prove his worthiness to Yukino.

Watari watashi puts it beautifully regarding the title, My Teenage RomCom is wrong sieshun expected.

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