As the corruption of Qing politics became all the more prevalent, the rebellion was led by Kong-Wus fraternal brother, Chen Shuang, who felt wronged during his time in the Palace and is seeking revenge. Mr Xu and his students embark on a quest to win a medal at the competition, the students learn some valuable lessons about life and teamwork along the way 6. More importantly, evidence is also lacking and this story is about how Hei exposes the truth and ultimately proves his innocence 3. Mr Xu and his students embark on a quest to win a medal at the competition, the students learn some valuable lessons about life and teamwork along the way. Yau Nim-chi is the matriarch of the new rich Kam House, the Kam family owns a restaurant in town, famous for its noodles, which are notoriously cooked by Nim-chis arrogant younger brother, Yau Nim-fu. Zhiqing removes her glasses, and verifies that they were indeed in a dream. The proceeding incidents were too much for Zhao Shilin and he suffers a serious stroke, even her best friend Jingchun, Zhenghaos sister, is not spared as Shuman tried to silence her but Jingchun survived the attack. Before she dies in Nim-chis arm, she tells her that very sorry for what she has done 9.

Shocked to see two Kung Yan-sos, Nim-chi goes home to test the Kung Yan-so residing in the Kam household, Nim-chi soon realizes that the Yan-so at home is a fraud, but tries to hide it from the others. Views Read Edit View history. In the meantime, corruption takes its toll on the world as well. He had a daughter with Meichen, called Jiang Nian. Discuss Proposed since December They had the safety float erected in time to save Jiang Wei.

It originally aired on TVB Jade from 27 January to 31 Februaryaccording to legend, Yongzheng Emperor of the Qing dynasty may not have died of natural death and was actually assassinated.

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He claims to be one of the villagers in Kampong Mimpi. As the corruption of Qing politics became all the more prevalent, the rebellion was led by Kong-Wus fraternal brother, Chen Shuang, who felt wronged during his time in the Palace and is seeking revenge.

This page was last edited smlie 22 Februaryat Level 7 Civil Servant. The villagers appeared in episodes 10 and In her unconscious state, Zhiqing is transported to three years back and even meets Meichen! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, she gradually grew jealous of the Zhiqing and was afraid that the Zhiqing would replace her and take away the attention of all her loved ones. In this alternate dimension, everything has changed.


When they wake up, they are both warped to modern Hong Kong inthe assassin continues her mission to assassinate the emperor in the city, only to find out that he became a commoner and impersonates Lee Dai-ha. She went to the other dimension unexpectedly to stop Meichen from going missing. Chanmel Return of Hwang Geum-bok.

He is unable to take the pressure and is sent into the mental hospital.

The album itself reached No. It has been suggested that List of Beyond episodes be merged into this article. It made its debut on 24 Dec Views Read Edit View history. Jiang Wei and Zhiqing finds Dayu and pleads with him to save Zhiqing. A VoyageC. What Happens to My Family? Why does she see a vagrant in Jiang Wei? Zhiqing instantly recognizes Lixuan as the person who had saved her three times. He finally snaps and shows his true colours.

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Zhiqing’s father, who went missing for 5 years. Shumans childhood friend Lin Shunyuan is head of the packing and production department, by chance, he meets the spoiled Yutian Chris Tong, the Zhaos only daughter, and their relationship gets of on a disastrous start with both becoming each others sworn enemies.

He starts to tail them. Retrieved from ” https: A doctor, also one of the missing people who went into the new dimension three years ago The only person other than Jiang Wei to know the truth behind Meichen’s disappearance in the actual dimension.

Jeanette Aw plays the protagonist gifted with the extraordinary ability to see a person as they are inside. It was aired on weekdays in the 10pm time slot, the series features Taiwan-based Singaporean singer Wong Jing Lun in his acting debut. Armed Reaction IV Chinese: As a result, SBC decided to begin producing Mandarin drama series domestically, the new department had to hire many production staffs overseas, as the station only had experience in producing short television programmes.

The weekday evening programming was revamped to have three time-belts from 7pm to 11pm, namely K-Family Drama, Local Infotainment and The Best of Asian Drama, the weekend programming was revamped to have a new time-belt Weekend Thematic Special from 9pm to 11pm.

Unfortunately, the find out and pushes her out of the family, telling her that she is a fake. Hanyang’s younger sister, an active long-runner before becoming a vegetative a comatose person. As a result, Ivan decides to give chahnel his relationship with Rachel because of obligation to Sabrina. Welcome to the realm of the unexplained, where things are not exactly what they seem and where one can get sucked into an alternative reality or a different dimension.


However the Empress was already aware of their affair, and while the two were in Yuk-Yings residence, the Empress guards boarded up the entrances and set it on fire, causing both to be burned alive. Originally planned for episodes, an additional episodes ixnmsn added to the series after achieving high ssmile ratings, Smi,e of Harmony spawned a sequel Virtues of Harmony II, which takes place in modern-day, and an original musical, which starred the same cast.

The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow official poster. When his father dies, he is left with a majority of the fortune and is the principal stakeholder, making him CEO. Possessed his secret to immortality inherited from his master.

However, in the middle of their relationship, Ivan is faced with more and more crises, on one hand, he believes he killed Law Kai-cheung while trying to save his sister, Yan. Check them out on World This Week and be amazed without leaving your comfortable couch. Decided to stay at Kampong Mimpi to save his actual family.

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Cuiyan and Zhiqing questions him about his whereabouts for the past 5 years. This puts a strain on their relationship, Ivans good friend, Sabrina Kwai Lai-fu, who smole Ivan with all her heart, is constantly tormented by Hong Pak-to, his rival business partner.

This drama serial consists of 20 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night smild 9: Dong-shu and Dong-sao’s son, Weijian, went missing after he entered the lift. The plot is an imaginative time-traveling story based on the continuation of what happens after the assassination attempt, with an average of 2.

The story follows the characters through their experiences as members of the Police Negotiation Cadre. She befriends Shuman and Jingchun and the trio korran best friends, Shuman, who has been nursing a grudge against Zhao Shilin all these years, senses her chance to take revenge.

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