The transistor multiplies the locations where theatre penetrates. The change in context of utterance goes hand in hand with renewed concretization of the dramatic text; a two-way relationship is established between the dramatic text and the Social Context. The difficulty is often in guessing where expertise becomes power, in noting the fluctuations of the code and the powers it confers. Fischer-Lichte ; Jacquot and Veinstein If to an acting tradition often obscure in the case of French classicism , the criterion is irrelevant to modern productions. Thus there is a risk that a sizeable theoretical minority may become majoritarian and normative, therefore in turn obstructing reflection on, and even the evolution of, artistic forms. This transfer and reduction no longer pose any technical problems, but entail a reduction and decline in the quality of the image.

We can note the same phenomenon—marginalization into folklore or gadgetry—in the role attributed to literary and theatre theory. In our opinion, the text has nothing permanent about it: Theory overflowing into practice A. I would not go so far as to claim that the desire to create comes from theory, since every desire is defined by its object, not by its origin; creative desire, like theoretical desire yes, it does exist , emerges from the wish to situate oneself in the world by assuming a point of view, by taking part in the debate of ideas, but also and above all in the debate of forms. Pop video sets up a narrative based on image sequences, which place the singer or illustrate the lyrics with shots that have a vague thematic connection with the words or musical atmosphere. University of Minnesota Press.

Thus, the culture that the spectators reconstitute and which in turn constitutes them as spectating subjects is in perpetual mutation; it passes through selective amnesia: An other from which video must separate and distinguish itself, but which it cannot not oppose, simply to be what it must be.


Theatre and theatrical enunciation become, by way of the actor, the new priest of appiq, the mythic site where this undoing of rhythm imposes a new meaning on the classical work.

In this way, reception and theory are no longer simply dragged in the wake of production and practice.

Adolphe Appia

There is no longer a direct and transitive connection between the world and discourse. Sociohistorical premises The ideological, especially the Marxist, approach tends to be undermined by the very fact of being opened up to foreign cultures and to the enlargement of the anthropological notion of culture.

He adds, however, that Jackson was rather eccentric.

Technological progress has aesthetic consequences for the media, either by modifying their meaning or their potential, or by creating new meaning. If we reinvent tradition, we present it critically at the same time; we accept its convention, but we do not believe in it. Video can also paradoxically produce the effect of a theatre event: This Eurocentrism is not so much a rejection of eastern forms as a myopic view of other forms and especially conceptual tools different from those in Europe, an inability to conceptualize cultural modeling, western and eastern, theoretically and globally.

Adolphe Appia : The Quest for the Gesamtkunstwerk and Richard Wagner – oi

Majority theory is the tom of no- theory, i. Each has developed its own analytical tools and we no vrama attempt to analyse a performance on the basis of a pre-existing dramatic text.

Towards a Minor Literature. Thus, everything remains to be re constructed: In order for the spectator to play the game, somebody had to set up the game: This ambiguity is admirably suited to a description of the links between cultures: Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a PDF of a single chapter of a monograph in OSO for personal use for details see www.

It continues to question the rest of the performance and to make its presence felt Wotr The audience perceives the recording through loudspeakers, just as a radio listener might.


In western society one usually defines three types of culture Abastado It is definitely not a case of textual literalness, as is claimed by J. Unfortunately, it is most easily found in Eastern Europe, where state control and censorship of the repertoire are absolute.

We are now beyond the quarrel between a semiology of text and a semiology of performance.

Adolphe Appia: A Watershed in the Evolution of the Gesamtkunstwerk – Oxford Scholarship

He arrives at this dimension only by way of perceiving the text as formal artifact. Dramaturgy for the TV film or the play made for TV rests on a few general principles: The only concession of the television establishment was to promote in the s film adaptations of classics.

The better to show the relativity of the notion of culture and the complicated relationship that we have with it, we will focus here on the intercultural transfer between source and target culture. Hence a further reason for the success of classical texts: Lenhardt Aesthetic Theory, London: Their textual status is uncertain.

Text is here understood to mean the result of a process that we shall call, with Ingarden and Vodi kaits concretization. The mediations between producers and receivers are infinite: Towards a Minor Literature, Minneapolis: Go out to meet it always.

We need to find the relationship between body and gesture, and the entire social and theatrical tradition. Our relationship with the stage image therefore remains ambiguous: However, this is the exact opposite of neutrality and his method does not consist in letting the text speak.

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