Drawfriend Stuff Pony Art Gallery Don’t get into a measuring contest with Twilight. The Offiical Kotobukiya blog has dropped their dedicated Twilight Sparkle piece. She had to have seen stairs. Or would we all die? Like how dare you, I spent so many seasons on that arc. I’m all for a show letting its characters grow more organically when necessary, but it does add a certain level of irony to this episode that I enjoy the hell out of.

Notice both griffon’s wearing the same necklace? Have no doubt, this is Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. We’ve seen a number of them before of course as background ponies in other episodes most notably Mr. Baking eeeevil cupcakes for a sinister party. How has Sugarcube Corner been dealing without Pinkie for a school semester? Drawfriend Stuff Pony Art Gallery I’m all for a show letting its characters grow more organically when necessary, but it does add a certain level of irony to this episode that I enjoy the hell out of.

But she’s loved who her number one fan and little sister is even more. Starlight gets a teaching role too and uses one of the old classrooms.

I’m not crying, those are raindrops from my eyes. I know what they say about birds of a feather but two of these kids don’t even have feathers on their aademy.

The world needs more Moon. It’s been going on for at least multiple years, and even if the crusaders haven’t aged physically aside from their cutie marksthey’re mature enough to be at least preteens by now if not full on young teenagers even in Cheerliee’s class, they’re starting to learn physics if I remember correctly.

Yeeah, that one will hit yah right in the feels. I’m not sorry for that joke. We’ve seen a number of them before of course as background ponies in other episodes most notably Wonderboot. Even though Confalone’s been writing Pony and Equestria Girls for years, according to IMDB this is his first go at writing either a Rainbow Dash or Scootaloo centric episode—and now he’s tackling two in one!


Also, does Ocellus Wallice look like a bug? This episode pretty well completes Scootaloo’s arc—if they don’t have time for another Scootaloo episode next season, personally, I’ll be satisfied here.

Or would we all die? That’s some powerful artifact magic. I’m sure they’ll be very understanding when it comes to missing children And I gotta say, I really like structuring a moral this way, so kids can see adults aren’t infallible.

Equestria Daily Settings

I can certainly understand why it’s not a favourite for everyone, but I hope you can see why it was a cool entry for me. Regardless, Twilight has the perfect thing to keep them firmly rooted in Ponyville for the next semester Looks like the hippogriffs are successfully moving back to their mountain home to resume their natural look.

It’s nice to see ponies put more magical study and strength into school administration than their military. In other episodes, where the only point is isn’t it funny that Rainbow’s being a self-centered jerk and don’t get me wrong, I love me some egotistic charactersthat’s when it starts to feel more like season 2 Dash.

Twilight’s just mad at Pinkie and her canons from the cake incident in Canterlot. Drawfriend Stuff Pony Art Gallery Changeling primary school must really be an intense lesson in survival.

So debatable choice, but I stand by it. Followed by what I can only assume is kanji because that’s just illegible.

Notice both griffon’s wearing the same necklace? Looks like we’ve got an episode follow up on our hands, gang. Likely changelings still raise their young as a hive collective so Thorax here is mostly here due to the political nature of this move. Anyway, I’m reminded of the depth of this show and how even a location like this is revisited and used for a completely different story. Also, Pinkie is correct about pity parties needing ice cream instead of cupcakes.

This one is bound to generate more debate, so episkde me what you thought down in the comments. Let me know in the comments below what you think his cutie mark is. I would know, I’m married to one. Newer Post Older Post Home. Yeah, they let hippogriffs change into seaponies and back.


I can understand swimming and flying everywhere but the Friendship School is like 4 stories tall. If you missed the last three, find them here: Lightning Dust comes forward and when she’s finished saying the Washouts mean anypony can be amazing, her hoof goes up to cover the change in Scootaloo’s expression.

I’ll bring that up again here in a bit. Well, that, and doing some death-defying of her own as she saved Equestria countless times, but that’s less fun for her.

Equestria Daily – MLP Stuff!: “Wonderbolts Academy”: Episode Followup

Comics guys, get them after the break! I think wonderbolg learned to appreciate that kind of thing more pretty acadejy solely as a result of hanging out with a daredevil. If that first one is actually how G5 is, I will jump off a cliff. She only knows it’s Lightning Dust leading the team in the scene, with the helmet reveal, so this would be the first time Scootaloo has to question Lightning Dust.

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Powerful words to often justify powerful misdeeds. Not necessarily the one who fainted. So here’s a piece of world-building that was awkwardly thrown in because, either Silverstream has some intense memory problems or she is so nearsighted she hasn’t seen any of the stairs in Twilight’s school.

The movement in Scootaloo changing from down on herself to hopeful would’ve caught any viewers eye, but to mask it, wonderbotl basically only give you a before and after.

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