What a way to go out, though. Over at the brothel, Roosevelt is there looking for Nero. Tig tells him that Marks believes that Clay made some sort of a deal on the inside, and he wants a face to face with Jax. He compares it to another file on his desk. Roosevelt asks Gemma to tell Jax that he needs to speak with him. Jax and the club finally get to the meeting place to speak with Galen. Darby recently turned his back on the brotherhood when he married one of his Mexican workers.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Jax peaked out front door and there stood his good friend Tig, alive and well. Roosevelt begins to ask her about the marks on her face. It is Phil on the other line. Chris Verlander Oct 02, – Now this goes back to a little inside knowledge of the show but Theo Rossi Juice and Kim Coates Tig are very good friends.

This is going to be an interesting change. View all TWD Sites. Without blinking an eye, Galen and his associate pull out guns and shoot both Phil and V-Lin in the head.

Gemma calls out to him multiple times, but gets only silence in return. Jax tells Gemma that would be a good idea. Because nothing seems to ever do him in not that I want him wolrsangel in, he is just the most unexpected survivor of all things.

He also tells them that San Bernardino voted down the guns as well.


View all Cars Sites. Wendy tells her that she was a Crow Eater for about a year before her and ax started hooking up. The other immortal, so it seemed, on the show. The ruse by Tig and Rat fails miserably despite the help from their old friend Darby remember meth dealing Darby from the first few seasons? One of the guys asks him why they would want to talk to the. If anything it just let Clay see the kind of anguish and misery that Otto has been living in prison, and how all of that was caused by his association with the club.


He has only been in this partnership with SAMCRO for 2 months, and he is neck deep in things that he spent 10 years trying to get away from. Episode opens up with Unser in his bachelor trailer. She asks Jax what is really going on.

It seems to me that with every decision Jax makes on his own he is becoming more and more like Clay Morrow every single day. Darby mentioned Eddie Gerber. Eli goes through the motions, bringing Nero in and sweeping his truck for evidence.

He insists that this is not how this works. Chibs lights a match, and then lights the entire matchbook, throwing it into the hole. Does he look like a guy who knows epiisode his truck was covered in incriminating evidence?

Uncer walks in, and then quickly excuses himself. When Thomas starts crying, Unser hears in the hallway and opens the door to see if Tara needs anything. Otto pushes Toric away from him and Toric slams into the wall before falling to the ground, gripping his side.

He tells Toric to get him the hell out of there. Just then, Nero walks in. Over at the brothel, Roosevelt is there looking for Nero.

Jax tells them that it was his mistake, and that he had so much going on that he simply forgot. Otto gets up from the bed and grabs Toric around the neck. He thought it was all going down, but he says they were looking for Jax, and that he needs to get a hold of him.


Roosevelt reads down the list on the document. Nero asks if Roosevelt called her in. Jax explains that the club has business with Pope Industries and that Marks is just protecting his peisode.

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Share this Rating Title: Full Cast and Crew. Jax and the club finally get to the meeting place to speak with Galen. Before this season of Sons of Anarchy ever began, I had the pleasure of attending the San Diego Comic Con panel and press wopfsangel with the cast and crew, and during one of my conversations with Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax Teller, I brought up the subject of Donal Logue and his character Lee Toric.

Wendy tells Gemma that Tara found out that she came to her for help. Marshall wants to hurt the club. Gemma drives Nero home. Add the first question. It will be too late. At the same time, it would have worked within the context of the story.

Sons of Anarchy ‘Wolfsangel’ Recap – Episode 06.04

Yes, ladies and gentlemen…Tig is alive! He explains the situation with the Irish, and tells her wolfsagnel they lost Phil and V-Lin. He and Gemma leave, and Nero tells her that he needs to separate himself a bit from The Sons for a minute. I served my time.

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