Johnny leaves for the job in L. The whole gang goes to the hospital to be there when she gives birth, but Mr. You know, if it hadn’t been for one of Johnny Fever’s brownies, I wouldn’t be in this dream now, anyway! Several of the more outrageous onscreen moments are actually the most realistic. WKRP has to do commercials for a client Robert Ridgely whose “diet pills” are actually a legalized form of speed. And the station lobby is being repainted which should make it attractive for anyone arriving at the station. I would like to know why the Name was spelled wrong.

The original broadcast of this episode featured a pre-credits sequence in which Loni Anderson , surrounded by the entire cast and crew, speaks directly to the viewing audience, breaking the Fourth Wall , to welcome home those who had just returned from the Iran Hostage Crisis. This episode turned out to be the highest rated during the show’s run. Was this review helpful to you? Herb moonlights as an insurance salesman and sells a comprehensive policy to a depressed Les, who promptly has a bizarre accident with his motor scooter. Andy has to choose between love and work when his ex-girlfriend, country singing star Linda Taylor Barrie Youngfellow , offers him the chance to go on the road with her. Johnny stays at Bailey’s place while his apartment is being fumigated, leading to rumors that the two are sleeping together. For new fans, this list will give you a place to start. To my brother Cedric, I leave

Jennifer Marlowe Richard Sanders Carlson, and Herb travel to a hotel in Dayton to make a presentation to the company president guest star Dr. Thanks for reading and commenting. Just beacuse it was Johnny, everyone jumps to the wrong conclusions. After Johnny hears what he thinks might be God speaking to him, everybody thinks he’s sobriehy crazy, including Johnny himself.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come! In addition, often lauded by Real Life radio station employees as being a devastatingly accurate depiction of the industry, thanks to series creator and executive producer Hugh Wilson’s experience with the same. There are sobriery versions of this episode with different characters and different endings.

Mama Carlson hires a professional radio consultant David Clennon to evaluate WKRP, and the consultant threatens Andy with a bad report unless the station sobriwty to his programming services. Watch our trailer of trailers. Oh, lighten up, AC! Quotes Highway Patrolman R. Comedian Jeff Altman appears as a record company representative.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Grandpa Carlson as Marley: The contrast between joviality and morosity is a natural source of comedy, and this script milks it beautifully. Once the characters have become teat to the audience, these quieter more truthful moments can work, and they are often more welcome than a cheap laugh.

Fish Story 28 May Johnny leaves for the job in L.


Unfortunately, the resultant expiration of license agreements has precluded keeping the original songs on current airings, and delayed publishing the series on DVD. This episode turned out to be the highest rated during the show’s run. Fun, easily likable installment. Controversial by nature, the episode was facing preemption in Cincinnati by Robert Gordon, then-vice president of Cincinnati’s CBS affiliate ; Gordon initially felt the episode was in poor taste, but reconsidered after watching a preview and realizing the episode dealt not with the concert tragedy itself, but the solemn aftereffects and the growing need to prohibit ” festival seating “, which was viewed as a main catalyst for the disaster.

The networks should make shows like this now. Bert Parksruns away from the Shady Rest nursing home and asks his son to lend him money so he can go to California on yet another scheme.

WKRP in Cincinnati – Season 1, Episode Fish Story –

Golden West Studios – Sunset Blvd. Andy has arranged for Quentin Stone of Cincinnati Magazine to conduct an in-depth interview with him and Mr.

A tornado hits Cincinnati. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

He was under pressure by CBS to write a more broad comedy, and since he did not want to do work that he felt was beneath him, he used an alias. What was your name again? Venus couldn’t do it, because he’d be the first person we’d suspect!

Herb, with Les and Bailey in tow, are to head to the university for a pep rally where rival WPIG’s mascot – a pig – will also be in attendance. Naturally, Wilson was right, and after an unsuccessful run of eight episodes at 8: Michael Pataki also appeared in the season 4 episode “Circumstantial Evidence. As the staff helps her move, the neighbors prove to be cheating husbands, jealous wives, soriety phone servicemen, and worse; meanwhile, Les hears voices on the upper floor and Herb can’t successfully negotiate the piano into the house.


Johnny makes a date sobriiety Bailey for a movie, then stands her up when he gets a call from Buffy Julie Paynehis demented ex-girlfriend who is suing him for palimony. Carlson’s pitch for Wkfp.

Fish Story

It tackles issues that most shows these days wont touch. WKRP sponsors its first rock concert, by the British “hoodlum” group spisode Out of all the sitcoms you covered.

The year is sobrieth While there, Andy deals with projector issues, Herb makes time with Ms. Venus tries to act and dress more stereotypically “black” to prepare for an interview with a militant magazine, whose writer Tom Dreesen turns out to be white; meanwhile, Herb adopts a classier image with Jennifer’s help.

A woman who listens to Johnny’s show leaves her baby at the station. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! It wpisode no laugh track and is part of a long-running series from the Treasury in which sitcoms were adapted into commercials for Savings Bonds. Buzz Sapien, a stage manager and associate director on the series, appears in this episode as Man in Elevator.

After Herb accidentally sprays pink paint over his daughter’s pet frog, Greenpeace, he brings it to the station looking for a way to save it. Carlson’s former secretary Rosemary Forsyth visits, and he misreads her desire to meet for lunch. Class conflict is in the air when Johnny’s friends from the fire-damaged Vine Street Mission meet Jennifer’s wealthy friends who are preparing to donate money to rebuild it.

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