You missed Wind Waker HD. MasaeAnela Super Mario Bros. JoshJepson Slimenia and Delfino Plaza ft. Many prizes are awarded at these panels, ranging from character pins from Fangamer to as a grand prize an actual video game console, such as a Nintendo 3DS or a Wii U. Events Monthly Weekly Agenda Archive. Trend setters Fossil Fighters Fossil Fighters: Nintendo Wii U Release Date: MasaeAnela Robbin Hood Ruins ft.

Every game has its Metacritic score and a Youtube video associated to the game as well to help you catch up on what you may have missed! You could perhaps increase font size for different sections, use indents or colors. Please disable your adblock on Smashboards, or go premium to hide all advertisements and this notice. Joined Feb 20, Messages 3, Minis on the Move eShop: Mount Beanpole World WispBae Tsundere Princess Apr 20,

Metacritic Final Boss Spoilers, Zelda actually helps.

Mario Party – Eternal Star (Rounds 1-5)

Also, forgive me for being new to this, but what does “sticky” mean? Joined Jan 11, Messages 22, Along with their official long-running LPs, they have done one-shot filler LPs labeled “The Runaway Gaiden”tournaments featuring multitudes of guest players, and side collab projects that they gradually update and use as filler between regular projects. Joined Oct 17, Messages 4, Location Ireland.

Doesn’t matter will be in anyway. Joined Apr 22, Messages Sonic Jump and Sonic Dash were two blockbuster mobile titles too though when including Jump, title it as “Sonic Jump “, as it is based off an old mobile Sonic game of the same name.


Mario Party – Eternal Star (Rounds ) – Watch Video Online – Search All Videos

SSB4 is soon to be released and we are pafty on the edges of our seats for more information and the inevitable release of the game, of course! Having same size font for everything doesn’t break sections up for the eye very well, especially spisode you have both games series and individual games bolded.

Tap the Wii U GamePad controller’s touch screen to freeze enemies and reveal invisible secrets. JoshJepson Super Smash Bros. Thanks for every Like and Favorite!

wiirikdtopray I was expecting to see just the new series between Brawl and now, but this is above maruo beyond. Brickbuild Smash Lord Apr 21, They’re more than just straight up ports, they add a lot of new content to the games, so I feel they deserve recognition here in the same vain as Ocarina of Time 3D especially since the Sonic 2 remake added the long lost Hidden Palace Zone as well as having a third secret ending.

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Mario Party 8: Koopa’s Tycoon Town Episode 3

Networker1 Smash Journeyman Apr 21, Wiiriketoray exciting times eh? JoshJepson Castle Crashers ft. Its a good list for content, but I think the styling could be better. Nintendo Wii U Release Date: Every game has its Metacritic score and a Youtube video associated to the game as well to help you catch up on what you may have missed!


Lucahjin Mario Stadium ft. Joined Jan 22, Messages 2, Location Probably at work. Guides Latest reviews Search resources. MasaeAnela Peach’s Castle ft.

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Yeah, I’ll definitely do some editing of the visual elements, was just posting now since it took me so long to do and I wanted some feedback. Events Monthly Weekly Agenda Archive.

Chugga is in charge of maintaining the channel, although Jon has made posts and comments for the marko as well. That should be a good start for misc series. All this and more makes Mario’s world deeper than ever.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mario Online Rx Vs.

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