Then a servant arrives with a message from Werther. Werther watches them, in agony at having lost Charlotte. This page is only accessible by StageAgent Pro members. She spends time rereading the letters that she has received from Werther “Werther! It is loosely based on the German epistolary novel The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , which was based both on fact and on Goethe’s own early life. When Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s novel The Sorrows of Young Werther was published in , the deeply romantic story about a young poet caused a sensation – and became one of the most read books of its time. Disappointed at not finding Charlotte, he promises her sister Sophie he will return in the morning. Werther is struck by the pleasant domestic scene.

Werther enters, praising the beauty of nature and watching Charlotte. Compositions by Jules Massenet. His resolution is further weakened when Charlotte appears. Werther contemplates suicide, and when Sophie interrupts him, he rushes away. He declares himself, but Charlotte recalls her promise to marry Albert. Albert and Sophie try to cheer Werther up, but he starts talking wistfully about the first time he met Charlotte. Werther arrives, rhapsodizes on the beauty of the evening and watches unseen as Charlotte prepares the children’s supper, just as her mother had before she died.

Werther Synopsis

She says the whole thing is her fault, that she’s loved him all along, and they kiss for the first time. Outside children are heard singing the Christmas carol. The aria is called Je vous ecris Still, the idea of romantic suicide has been around for a long time, and Werther proves that.


It is a lament, and Charlotte is deeply moved. When she and Werther have left for the ball, and the bailiff has gone to join his friends at the tavern, Albert returns unexpectedly. The Main Hall Premiere: Werther enters, praising the beauty of nature and watching Charlotte. The French composer Jules Massenet turned the novel into an opera in Disturbed, she tells him he must leave town until Christmas. Knowing that Werther is back in town, Albert asks his wife what’s bothering her. But, to strangely ominous music, she also sings, “why forget me?

When Charlotte exits the church, he speaks to her of their first meeting. Charlotte is about to leave him, without replying, when her father calls out the news of Albert’s return. August 24, The bailiff tells them Albert is away, and Charlotte will be escorted to the local ball that night by a visitor — a young poet named Werther.

In two parts, the first in the form of letters, the work was characteristic of the Sturm und Drang Storm and Stress period of German culture in the s and had an influence even on dress and behaviour.

In addition, many of the greatest French and Italian singers of the past century or more have recorded individual arias from Massenet’s masterwork. Two people, Charlotte and Werther, are confronted with these feelings – but they choose very different ways of dealing with them. Act IV Charlotte, gripped by a frightful foreboding, rushes to Werther, whom she finds dying. He has tried to stay away forever, but as the appointed day drew near was unable to keep himself from returning.

As Werther dies, he imagines that the children are angels, granting him forgiveness.


aynopsis Well, some say that for unhappy people, the holidays are the saddest time of year, and in Massenet’s Wertherthat’s an understatement. Community All comments Contributor list Columnist list. There are also several younger children, whom Charlotte cares for. After an orchestral interlude, Werther and Charlotte return very late; he is already enamoured of her.

Reviews Add review Leave this field empty. Everyone is looking forward to the ball; even Werther, they remark, is less melancholy. While utilising the resources of the large symphony orchestra, Massenet creates an intimate and penetrating atmosphere, best illustrated by a magnificent aria: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Despite his despair, Werther urges Charlotte not to break her promise. The opera’s libretto xynopsis well beyond that.

He greets her and they leave for the ball.

Maybe by starting things off with caroling in July, the composer is simply saying that for Werther, every season is the saddest time of year. Werther sends a messenger to Albert, requesting to borrow his pistols, explaining he is going on an extended trip. The redevelopment of www.

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The immensely popular novel even syhopsis a fashion: At the mention of his name, Charlotte is unable to restrain her tears. She welcomes Werther warmly. Why awaken me, O breath of spring….

Sung by Jeanette Ekornaasvaag.

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