Tell me where is he. Why do you say so? Yet you aspire for the God of death’s throne lmpossible! Daily we’ll go to the garden and we develop our love. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Shall l throw my mace? After her granddad’s death, her family members are enjoying her property

It is because of you. We must finish our work. Already we have decided to divide equally, this property. You can evict me only from earth but l’ll make no place livable for you. Simhadri, A loyal servant in a landlords house also leads a secret life as Singamalai. His mind power is gone. Because you can’t get my page in that.

Your photo and statue are there in every home and village. Now l know everything.

Who needs your money? What are you discussing? Here everything looks big except for you. Spare us for our wives’ sake. You know all the arts whether it is right or wrong. Come to relish love! Subtitlee this Rating Title: We can’t believe him.


Now, lf l don’t get that gown, my wife will kill me. Why you’re so injured? What happened to you? Fetch pleasant breeze to my place and catch the sun shine at dusk.

And l’ll give the share to you. We have to find and punish him.

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Shall we start it? Pray before opening it. Then it will be three of us.

Haven’t you called him? Come and clean the bathroom. Don’t hit my father. Shouldn’t he give that Death rope and make you sit on your throne? You keep your box yourself. Are oline these as per norms? What does he think of himself? Greetings to former King! Hereafter if any human dies, they’ll wish to come here instead of Heaven.

You’ll get full payment only after completion of job. Have power in my arms! He’ll come in a flying horse and take you. He’ll leave you in the streets. Here comes a pleasant breeze. We’re ready for that.


Take me around heaven. Otherwise you will be a servant like earlier. We’ll get into troubles if he finds us. He is pushing me. Oh God of death, who holds rope of Death and power.

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Call and find her. What is this torture to us daily? Give it to me. Narayana Raghu Babu Preeti Jhangiani Make him come here as soon as possible.

Yama Donga

We don’t care about that. Scold him and send him out. Why did he shock me in reverse type? He’ll leave you in the streets. How did he find out that l am the King?

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