Sandow throws Mysterio into the barricade hard once more. Reigns comes in with a chair, blasting Ryback, but Kane pulls the chair away and chokes him against the ropes. Ambrose hits Ryback with a chop, but Ryback shrugs them off. Bryan blasts Reigns with a couple of chair shots in the ring. Cena tosses Ziggler to the outside and bows to the crowd to show that he can wrestle a bit. Cesaro then nails Truth with an uppercut from behind leading into Cesaro hitting his Neutralizer finisher for the clean pinfall victory to retain.

Andrew Ravens – February 24, Show hits Sheamus with a head butt before walking over the challenger. Show comes right back with a giant clothesline to lay Sheamus out. Cesaro locks in a head lock, wrenching back. Truth backs Cesaro into a corner. They set up a chair in the middle of the ring.

Backstage we see Kane.

Show heads to the outside and goes under the ring, grabbing another chair, and a second, tossing them both in the ring. Ziggler crawls to the ladder. AJ walks up to him wearing Cena-gear. Kane hits Reigns with a couple of running clotheslines, and a big sidewalk slam, but Ambrose breaks up a pin attempt.

Kane is thrown into a table in the corner of the ring. Sheamus hits Show with a series of knees to the chest before Show swats Sheamus to the outside. Ambrose drags Ryback toward a table and Rollins looks up at a giant ladder.

Watch Team Hell No and Ryback vs. The Shield TLC 2012 Full Match

Ambrose hits Ryback with a chair to the back out of nowhere. Ziggler brings the ladder back into the ring, and Cena follows, stopping Ziggler and hitting him face first with the ladder.


Back in the ring Mysterio kicks Rhodes hard, but almost ends up in the Alabama slam.

Reigns comes in with a chair, blasting Ryback, but Kane pulls the chair away and chokes him against the ropes. Ziggler works into a head lock, and catches himself in the ropes when Cena pushes him off. Show brings things back into the ring and kicks Sheamus away from a chair.

Show runs in with a big kick, but Sheamus moves and Watvh ends up hung up on the top rope. This match had everything you want in a TLC match: Miz eventually gets involved, knocking Mahal out of the ring. As soon as The Shield are in reaching distance, the fight is on. Show heads in and goes into the corner, but walks into double boots. As The Shield members turn around, they get caught by Daniel Bryan, who wipes them all out with a suicide dive.

Watch Team Hell No and Ryback vs. The Shield TLC Full Match – video dailymotion

Bryan has Ambrose locked in the No lock. Reckless abandon is what I used to be, yeah! Today, the match remains celebrated in American culture. Kofi tries for a roll up, not getting anything, but he scores with the SOS, and takes Barrett down for a two count.

Reigns and Rollins team up on Ryback, kicking away at him. They hit Rhodes with the table. Cena and Ziggler trade right hands back and forth.

Barrett sits over top of Kofi and pulls back with a rear chin lock. Ziggler wwatch to the outside and heads under the ring. Cesaro slams him into the corner, taking him from turnbuckle to turnbuckle all around the ring. He tries to get a question out, but Slater has a question, where does Miz get off calling them a train wreck. Sheamus falls to the outside and Show heads out after him, hitting him with 0212 giant chair shot, then another.


10 Best WWE TLC Matches of All-Time | Cultured Vultures

Kofi mounts Barrett in the corner and blasts Barrett with a series of punches, but he runs into double boots from Barrett. Kofi sends Barrett back into the ring and leaps over him, springboarding into the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez heads down to the ring and 3MB is all over him, pulling his hair and yelling in his face.

Kingston gets the pin and retains.

WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV Results

Ambrose and Rollins set up a table in the corner propped across the top rope. That added stipulation certainly created awtch brilliant tension to this match which was already one fans were desperate to see due to how good this feud was in general.

Show claims the smartest thing Sheamus could have done was violate the no touch clause on Smackdown. Miz closes by saying the beating they will receive tonight will be…. Cesaro nails Truth with a big right hand.

He goads Sheamus to get up, hitting him with a shot to the back.

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