Wonder how he’d handle a Jet-bazooka to the face. Getting close to the manga now. C’mon dude, thats irrelivant data I watched the first episode of Ghost Hunt S On the side , its not a bad story , i just find some of the characters have extremely annoying traits , but other than that ive laughed my ass off. Tales of the Abyss. Ghost in the Shell, I guess.

I’m gonna give it a good looking at when I have the chance. I would love to see that part in animation! D the Marines and the Shicibukai vs. We are sending every fansub group this notice at the same time. How many DBZ characters doe it take to screw in a lightbulb? Gundam 00 Movie In Other news Finaly got the chace to watch Eden of The East We’ve been through this before, I was actually focusing on the fact they’ve been asked to stop not sued, just asked yet they’re acting like a bunch of jerks, as if only they can translate or add text to someone else’s creation.

Yes, they’re also still adding new shows some not even dubbed which is very unprofessional but I’ll be damned if I can find them, they all seem to be going onto the weekend block and the weekday block has all the shows I’ve already seen.


I agree, the haki thing will be next. The new one is a remade version that follows the manga onoine better.

I also played a Naruto game on the DS recently, there the english subs add “Believe it! D Dragon may come out if things don’t go well for luffy: More pwyren a teaser now! But Naruto and FMA were awesome! It’s got a Solty-Rei feel, I recommed it.

I was quite addicted to the first into, so catchy. Just saw Green Green ep I just saw Narutoand I don’t think that Guren is dead, otherwise the crystal in Yuukimaru’s hand would’ve broken.

Favourite Anime Show [Archive] – Page 8 – NAG Online Forums

I actually enjoyed Elfen Lied. I actualy watched the movie in english. Just read some spoilers of this weeks manga chapter.

Oh my god, just saw it on Animax and I don’t remember Kiddy Grades’ animation being so weird plus a few of the teams have some strange Pedophile thing going. I finished Ichigo Mashimaro Then later discover that Psyren is Japan about 10 years one day. You have to watch that.

And as great as the orig anime was, so far it IS better. Victory Gundam Future Century: Cirabasicaly Jubei is ask eplsodes protect the Maiden of Light and a jewel, and on thier journey a variety of bad guy’s show up. Back to mullegan, hell’s judgement i crazy! Shinji and the gang finaly show’s up to kick some ass Why would I hate you, or want to punch you? Next up for me is Looks insane, pzyren looking at the episode titles will make you laugh.


Haven’t been on since when ever PC blew Gonna give it a shot.

Does anyone know where I can watch Sailor Moon English dubbed episodes after episode 47 online?

Luckily I got it in High Quality. Gundam 00 Movie In Other news I hate these exams. But It does have a good story line.

Yeah if u want a good ecchi thats what green-green anime is called Best combo attack EVER!!! Recommend it to all.

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