She responds by using Volt Switch and switches out with Cilan’s Stunfisk. Stunfisk starts off with Scald but Larvesta does not seem affected. They realize that something is very wrong with it. Episode — Cottonee in Love! Meowth returns and they go to the treatment spas. Zorua turns into Axew and Bianca takes the real one and soon Iris and Bianca have a fight. They plan out the movie and the next morning, Luke explains the plot.

The tournament finally begins with Don George spectating the battles. Episode — Reunion Battles In Nimbasa! Episode — Last Call, First Round! Saving Darmanitan from the Bell! They fire the cannon and Roggenrola intercepts the blast with Flash Cannon. In the final match, Oshawott is sent in against Cilan’s Pansage. They remove it from the container and Iris tells Axew that he will “soon be a big brother”.

Episode — Sleight pkkemon Sand! Crisis from the Underground Up! Oak talks with Ash and they go with the car -Seems like TR are in the plane too -What a strange opening Back on the mountain, Purrloin convinces Ash to give Meowth the backpack full of fruits because the pathway ahead becomes even narrower.

Pikachu uses Thundershock to test it, but Oshawott is hit by the shock. Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster! However, after Ash saves Sewaddle from a group of Woobat, Sewaddle begins to warm up to him.

List of Pokémon: Black & White episodes – Wikipedia

Meanwhile, Iris tries to reason with Emolga, only for her to hit everyone nearby with Discharge. They decide to split up to cover the three remaining Audino in town, and tag them with tracking devices. They decide to take Meowth along for a while. With everyone saved and the sand spa turned into a hot spring, Ash and Iris relax as the sunglasses-wearing Sandile watches on.


In The Shadow of Zekrom (660)

Team Rocket receives information just as Meowth is attacked by one of the other Litwick. As it wakes up, it starts to destroy the lab and its crying causes an ancient plant to start growing in the lab.

Team Rocket fires a second time, however, the device backfires, due to the Roggenrola forcing the energy into reverse causing the machine to break down. The Club Battle Finale: Pawniard uses Guillotine, which Snivy successfully dodges in time to avoid knockout. Finally, Cilan reveals that he is the Gym Leader of the Striaton Gym and explains that a simple phone call will clear things up.

Suddenly the emergency brakes kick in on the train as a ghost train passes the train they are in. Just in time, a flock of Tranquill help them out.

Pokemon Black & White Adventures In Unova And Beyond – 1635 – Searching For A Wish

Continuing to Nimbasa City, Ash and the gang encounter a Zorua. She responds by using Volt Switch and switches out with Cilan’s Stunfisk. Part 1 ” Transcription: In this episode, James enters a beauty contest and is shown with.

Episode — Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest! As Ash and the gang continue their journey, they encounter that Purrloin, and Meowth immediately falls for her. The gang climbs up a mountain to help the Purrloin while a girl named Misha asks Cilan if he has seen a Purrloin she has a photo of, and he is surprised that it is the same Purrloin. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is planning their scheme in Nimbasa City.


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However, shaddow with the large shell has made Oshawott faster, and he is able to dodge Blitzle’s attacks. Scrafty quickly wakes up and reveals it wants to battle and Ash uses Tepig. Zorua turns into Axew and Bianca takes the real one and po,emon Iris and Bianca have a fight. I’m surprised that they didn’t show Ash departing from his Sinnoh Pokemon at Oaks lab oh well.

Bianca pulls in a female Frillish which begins to constrict Ash. Pokemon Naito no Densetsu!!

He moves out of its inactive mode, but Iris is already asleep. Emmanuel, which Antonio wins.

When Cilan, Iris, and Ash find Meowth, they realize that Meowth has betrayed them and was never fired from Team Rocket in the first place. Iris pokemoj the seven feathers of Swanna as a prize and concludes the Club Battles with an interview pokeomn Iris. You will watch Pokemon Season 2 Episode online for free episodes with high. The battle pursues with Pawniard about to use Guillotine on a fallen Snivy.

Fire the Luster Cannon!! Episode — A Crasher Course in Power!

Pop Max also airs the series in the UK as of They outrace Team Rocket until they manage to destroy the clamps on the helicopter. Episode — Hungry For the Good Life! Episode — Crossing the Battle Line!

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