He asks Len to join him, but Len is not interested. He is unapologetic, and tells them that his father, mother, sister and brother had all died in German camps. Paul Meyer 4 episodes, The serial as a whole was praised by Christina Patterson in The Independent who said it was ” According to Kosminsky, it took him eleven months to read all the research, including over 40 books that researchers had prepared for him, while thinking how to distill it into a workable drama. Kosminsky’s storytelling was mesmerising.

In the debris Erin retrieves some trinkets in a box and the photograph album, and in the ambulance gives them to Jawda. It was also felt that relying on comparatively simple well-known technology would be sensible operating so far from home. IDF Checkpoint Conscript 4 episodes, IDF soldiers take Samira for a human shield when they go to occupy the brother’s house. In May it was announced that the series would be a featured offering on the internet television service Hulu from 11 August, and it has been available on demand from Hulu. Filming used conventional Super 16mm film, which was then processed and edited in England. The Promise , The Observer , 13 February

Leo Rosenbaum 4 episodes, Erin Matthews is an eighteen-year-old British teenager about to start her gap year. Len’s platoon is in Haifa, stationed between the Jewish and Arab-controlled areas, overlooked by armed Jewish irregulars.

Critical reaction was positive, with The Australian selecting part one as its pick of the week, calling its character development and performances “compelling”, and saying that the series “offers insight into the history of one of the world’s most conflicted places”. One is left by The Promise profoundly affected by the journey, the ambiguities of the characters, often torn between two loyalties. Jewish Brigade Major 4 episodes, Jameel Khoury The family leaves home and Len drives them to the docks, where the Navy is taking people to Acre.


He also tells Erin that he is a Palestinian Qatch.

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However, after completing The Project inKosminsky presented the subject as a possible theme for a future drama, and the BBC agreed to support research on it. Kosminsky emphasises Jewish determination and ruthlessness, especially on the part of the Irgun terrorist group, which notoriously hanged two British sergeants in retaliation for the execution of one of their men. Sappers declare the ground clear, but when a member of the Palestine Police starts to cut down the body, it explodes.

Then at the base several of Len’s men are shot, some in the back while they are hosing down the vehicles, in a raid by Jewish militants.

Len agrees to stay and fight, if Hassan will go to the docks. Full Cast and Crew. Audible Download Audio Books. At the meeting they are ambushed; their Jewish informant is led away, and Len and the two Intelligence Corps sergeants are abducted.

Colonel Henry Reid 4 episodes, Ilan Ganani Erin is on the point of going home, but reads the last page of Len’s diary and promies with it, in an envelope, a key. Irgun Fighter in Deir Yassin 4 episodes, In Tel Aviv the first screening of Part One was on 9 April, culminating with a final screening of all four parts on 26 April.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But Len is unconvinced, and he is dragged off to join the others, being held in a hole under a heavy trapdoor, with just enough room for themselves and an oxygen cylinder. The IDF lay explosives in the house. And in the case of the Holy Land, it’s certainly not another country. At the doorway she is met by a Jewish orthodox woman. Rabab 4 episodes, Adam Kotz Kosminsky says kpsminsky his overriding aim was to present the experience of theBritish soldiers who served in Palestine, [12] [13] “to remind us all of what happened”.


Lnline is about to be questioned at the IDF base when Paul appears, and greets some of his former soldier colleagues. Eliza Meyer 4 episodes, Ben Miles In the morning, the IDF are searching the house. Clara is getting hostile glances from people who think she is fraternising with the enemy. Len Matthews 4 episodes, Erin and Paul survive the blast,Paul’s parents commenting on the irony of his falling victim to the Palestinians,whose cause he supports.

Israeli kosmonsky in the Territories are universally unfeeling and brutal”; only Jews throw stones; pre-state Jewish militias are characterised as “cynical, manipulative and murderous, while the Arabs of the time are portrayed as defenceless and fearful”; in the Mandate period, only Jewish atrocities are depicted “in graphic detail”, while contemporary Arab actions and atrocities are largely omitted, the threatened pan-Arab invasion being “dismissed as almost an irrelevance”. Omar and the son run off, while Erin and the family are confined in a bedroom.

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Later, she is woken by arguing from downstairs. The Promise is a riveting drama likely be judged according to the preconceptions of the people who watch it. He turns off down a track to investigate a column of smoke from the village of Deir Yassin. He is asked to persuade convicted terrorist Avram Klein to appeal against his

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