Talen Horton-Tucker had 18 for the Cyclones , Big 12 , who reached 20 wins for the seventh time in eight years thanks large. Originally posted by Porkysfoe quote: RexBrown on July 25, , Could we have aired it? I’ll make sure and ask him next time I see him Obviously ignorant to you, the webmaster can see the IP of the poster your referring to and can see it’s not me and most likely see it is you or one of your cronies. Carole’s 23 year tenure is very long by any new-reading standard. Are they not bigoted?

DM, ch, website weather and all the TV channels of doppler radar were useless to us as after the first minor gust our whole neighborhood lost power once again. I don’t care what is according to jim and I never loved raymond. The big business and filthy rich snobs have finally got what they have deserves since the elections. Local News Pedestrian struck, killed in south Tulsa. I’ve heard there is a lot of politic-ing going on atop lookout mountain. So what if she can cuss like a sailor on a bender? NEVER turn them on.

I took that as a part of the mindset of KTUL. Best Wishes, Porky Title: If you’d have e-mailed me, I’d have explained those technical difficulties. Are they not bigoted? But, that would be REAL reporting. All though some of you have some real issues with me lol, I’ve enjoy learning and discussing all of the events and agenda’s in Tulsa by this very well ran forum, as all the great members on here.

And Charles’ monotone delivery is terribly annoying. Friendly Bear lve July 19, And whatever the mindset of their management, it may not be flexible enough to keep their newscasters Why we redesigned the website. I feel about conservatives the same way you do about liberals but it is easier to spot conservative spin. Kuddos to KTUL today.


Perhaps you can answer this quasi-related question: Otul Bus Stop Forecast. Anything new going on with KTUL’s talent line-up? You don’t see them on TV, but Casey Roebuck has legs that go on for days and days — and I’m not usually a leg person. First time I tuned to in during ojline storm.

As an adult with a mind of my own, I think I can separate the facts from the opinions, or at least make an intelligent effort to do so.

The News at 10 on 2 Works for You

Tell us another TV Station whopper, like Crest is an effective decay preventive dentifrice. Schuttler on July 22, Obviously ignorant to you, the webmaster can see the IP of the poster your referring to and can see it’s not me and most likely see it is you or one of your cronies.

I’ve been boycotting them non-stop ever since that decision. Channel 8 used to have Millionaire and some decent primetime programming. Originally posted by D. We tried that for a short time as well, but it was very difficult for me to get a person to do it since they were already busy or out in the field. Pastor Randy Dyer says the thieves cut the lock Actually, they were crushing CH 6 from about ’99 until about two years ago.

In my opinion, they offer the most conservative, “Republican,” viewpoint of any local broadcast wattch. One thing I do not do is rely on only one source for my knowledge of current events.

No more ‘cow-tipping’ shirts at OKC airport. If KTUL really wanted to improve its market share, perhaps they should start by dumping Carole “Guess what color my hair’s going to be this year” Lambert and Charles “I come across as smug and arrogant and I don’t care” Ely.

They keep me on my toes. San Frann is liberal [: Johnson was killed in a car crash last week. That driver stayed and talked to officers. No students were on board. Who is ktuul guy? Local News Man arrested in connection with assault ktkl Big Cabin.


Originally posted by LilMikey For the most part, I am very dissapointed with all of the local “news” media. I suppose DelGiorno is ecstatic with Rove’s traitorous behaviour.

I don’t have cable or satelite and rely on local broadcast, the Tulsa World, and word-of-mouth to keep me informed of local news issues.

The News at 10 on 2 Works for You

It was priceless Title: Originally posted by Porkysfoe quote: That was kind of cheap to play off the whole Zig thing and make people think he’s coming htere. What TV station was Beth Rengal on when she got fired for cussing on air?? I canceled my cable way back in and don’t miss it. I don’t watch TV news much either. If these stations want to up their ratings, they need to start covering women beach volleyball and stuff like that, and forget about all them alumni’s needing something to watch while pounding beers down during a Happy Hour somewhere.

For those of us who don’t watch tv too frequently, it is nice to catch it on the computer. I just can’t figure out what channel they’re watching.

I turned it on when the storms blew through and it was great to see the updated radars and then the weather person giving us updates. Marshals say they’re looking for a known gang member right now who could be armed and dangerous.

That’s not the case now. I still like them just fine.

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