Iyanla works with Shane to find forgiveness for his Dad, who killed his mother when Shane was six years old. Vanzant on the other hand sent nothing but positive energy in X’s direction, and started the Twitter hashtag SupportDMX. Iyanla helps a woman and her mother-in-law see eye to eye. Iyanla supports two pastors in crisis, as they deliver their ultimate confession. Iyanla helps four adult siblings deal with complicated emotions about their drug-addicted father, who was in prison for most of their lives. Retrieved January 15, Go here for more details and info on how to buy tickets.

Iyanla tries to heal the toxic marriage of former reality stars Neffe and Soullow. Retrieved October 9, The Sunday episode also ranked No. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Retrieved November 4, In the season finale, a blended family with relationship issues get counsel from Iyanla. Iyanla provides guidance for an overcrowded family household. He finally made his way back into the room and delivered a chilling statement to his first born.

Retrieved February 17, Retrieved October 19, Their now epic run-in was built around the year-old reconnecting with his oldest child, Xavier Simmons.

Iyanla Fix My Life S08E05 – video dailymotion

dm James Conley III says the employees never apologized after they realized their mistake. Fix My Life is Intervention and daytime talk distilled to core principles.

A sneak preview episode aired on June 2,and the series debuted with a two-part series premiere on September 15 and September 16, Retrieved August 29, Retrieved November 8, Iyanla supports sisters as they address their dysfunctional relationship.

Iyanla counsels Nakeda, who has six children by five different men, and her mother Illysha is raising five of them. Retrieved May 20, Oprah Winfrey Network original programming. She works with a mother who has run away from her family after having an affair. Iyanla returns to her hometown of Brooklyn, New York on the final stop of her Get Over It tour, taking a theatre full of fans through her personal story while visiting the locations that shaped her life.


Iyanla travels to Detroit to support a married couple who are dealing with dishonesty and infidelity. Retrieved March 27, Then, Iyanla prepares the brothers to re-enter the world as new men and gather in front of their parents for one final clearing conversation. In a later episode, she literally ties family members together with string to illustrate how bonds work, then uses scissors to emphasize a point about abandonment. Iyanla supports two sex workers, as she tries to help them get past their addiction to the street.

Fix Episove Life features Vanzant helping people overcome difficulties in their lives. In Part 2 of a follow-up special, Iyanla meets with Jay and moderates an in-studio discussion with a group of men about love, infidelity and the responsibilities of being a father. Retrieved April 22, Retrieved November 7, Former NBA star Jason Maxiell and his wife Brandi sit down with Iyanla to determine if they should rebuild their toxic relationship after years of him being unfaithful to her.

Iyanla counsels a year-old meth addict.

Retrieved Cmx 10, A sneak preview episode aired on June 2,with the two-part series premiere on September 15,and September 16, Iyanla Vanzant provides support for a year-old video producer, Jay, who has fathered 34 children with 17 different women, in addition to adopting 9 other children.

Then, she connects with some of Jay’s adult children. Zap2it reported that “the premiere of the new original series Iyanla: Written by Latifah Muhammad.

Philando Castile was killed by a police officer during a routine traffic stop. The scenes between X and Vanzant played out like a typical intervention, with the rapper losing his cool more than once during the minute episode.


As writer and columnist Nancy Colasurdo proclaimed, Fix My Life is “what “reality” television can be. Published April 15, Retrieved October 24, Iyanla will work with the son to forgive his mother for lying to him about the identity of his biological father.

Iyanla Fix My Life S08E05

Iyanla supports singer-songwriter Monifah as she tries to repair her relationship with her daughter. Iyanla provides support for Matilda, who served 17 years in prison, as a long buried secret gets unearthed. Reaching for our best selves. When Matilda admits that she thought she was going to get away with everything, both her prison daughters and biological daughters weigh in.

Iyanla provides counsel for Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, a former top hip-hop episoce who turned to drugs when he lost everything. Iyanla helps two brothers to confront their absentee father, who they claim hid a secret for nearly 40 years. Iyanla provides support for Turk, of Hot Boys fame, and his wife Erica, who are struggling to save their marriage from Turk’s paranoia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Iyanla works with a mother of four whose life is in shambles after winning the lottery. Iyanla continues to work with couples whose marriages are in critical condition. Iyanla supports six sisters trying to heal their family after 19 years of disconnection.

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