He befriends the pair, and confides in them that he has a learning disability , and is also OCD. With the G Boys’ help, Makoto may have found the culprit. Member of g-boys 11 episodes, Ken Watanabe Hikaru walks in on a very cozy scene between the two of them, and introduces herself as Hikariko, which she had never referred to herself as before, and begins to act bizarrely. The picture they were given of Kana also had her in it. The police seem to be taking sides in the dispute Kaoru 11 episodes, Shoko Ikezu Member feedback about Gals!:

Also appearing in this episode is a mysterious man, Kyoichi, who appears in the middle of a G Boys ceremony, interrupting Jessie’s dance with his own dance. On September 14, , she revealed that she gave birth to her first child, a girl, in America. The series aired on Sundays from 8: English-language singers from Japan Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Japanese male pop singers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 21st-century Japanese singers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Can he be telling the truth? Tetsu 11 episodes,

Hikaru asks Makoto for protection from whmever is doing this. Ikebukuro West Gate Park – Episode 8. Masa 11 episodes, Ikevukuro show revolves around Rakugo, a traditional Japanese comedy that can look back on a year long history.

He’s approached by an old classmate, Chiaki, who asks for his help in saving the life of her boyfriend, Ali. Takashi begins to question what the true link between Yamai and Hikaru is, believing that Yamai must have a deeper reason to follow her.

When Hiroki is kidnapped, Makoto is approached about finding him. With the G Boys’ help, Makoto may have found the culprit.


List of Ikebukuro West Gate Park episodes – Wikipedia

Along for the ride are his best buddies Shun, Masa, and Takashi, the enigmatic leader of a local gang in Ikebukuro. Makoto must find the two brothers before the police or their yakuza father does. She was returned safely by the chief of police.

Reeling from the brutal murder, Makoto swears revenge on the murderer of Rika. A shut in whose only link to the world is through his computers and telescopes, Kazunori shows Makoto evidence that leads him to the discovery of the missing girl and her killer. The stalker, Tsukasa, has been calling her constantly, leaving creepy messages, as well as sending nasty “presents”. Yes No Report this.

veoh – Ikebukuro West Gate Park 9

Sakurai 11 episodes, Rie Minemura The Last Message [1] Umizaru 4: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The picture they were given of Kana also had her in it. An anime adaptation produced by Studio Pierrot entitled Super Gals! Unbeknownst to Ali, the man he confronted was a drug pusher for some very dangerous people, and as such he has to go into hiding. Takashi 11 episodes, Add the first question. Ikebukuro West Gate Park – Episode 7.

Makoto and Hikaru go out on their first date, with humorous results. Subscribe Subscribe to Eplsode mailing list to receive updates on anime and news. An angry Hikaru watches them balefully through the window of the restaurant they met in. Before Makoto can ask her anymore questions, one of his friends appears, beaten by one of the G Boys. The manga was also published in the U.


Ikebukuro West Gate park

One Well-raised Daughter Episode Yokoyama 11 episodes, Ikebukuro West Gate Park – Episode 9. It tells about a Yakuza who goes to a Rakugo performer to collect debts, and a talented comedian who tries to change his destiny.

Saitou Fujio 11 episodes, Naoko Yamada is a magician struggling to make ends meet who agrees to partner with Professor Ueda, who has been asked by detectives Yabe and Ishihara for help in investigating crimes However, with this discovery Makoto begins to realize that the true killer of Rika is still at large.

With the G Boys’ help, Makoto may have found the culprit. Watcb, you miss one of the best fun in your life. Legend Of Fu Yao Episode Majima Ritsuko 11 episodes, Chiaki 11 episodes, Shun Mizuno 11 episodes, Aiko Morishita Description Living in an area known for its juvenile crime, year-old Makoto is a friend of King, the leader of a youth gang called the G-Boys, though he himself does not want to join as a member.

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