Boss, Howdy, Dexter, and Bijou look for them. Imouto yo ” Japanese: He goes to Sweet Paradise and finds a basket with seeds in it. She really wants to do something special for him, so when she sees one day how emotional he gets when he hears Maria playing the piano, Mimi decides that she is going to learn to play something for him. Two boys run into Laura and her father and they end up dropping the pendant. To the other Ham-Hams’ great bewilderment, however, there seem to be two Cappies calling “I’m ready!

Kokku San ” Japanese: The brave knight Hamtaro arrives, but is immediately arrested on suspiscions of him being the magician. Kana says jokingly to Laura that if you wish on a star at the same time as someone else, the two of you will fall in love! After Laura tells Hamtaro about an earthquake and a fire drill, the Ham-Hams decide to practice for one. Characters Episodes Trotting Hamtaro Hai! Laura, Kana and Maggie are helping out at Mimi’s school, and Maggie’s bear cub Kumajiro goes missing at the school. Both the students and the Ham-Hams help to clean up the garden, but Laura loses her pendant that has her feelings for Travis written inside.

All nervous about his new role, Hamtaro makes a few goofs When Pashmina must leave for a day, Howdy and Dexter volunteer to take care of Penelope, who is upset with losing Pashmina. However, the Rainbow Girls will not allow this and pursue the Ham-Hams.

And will Sweet Paradise be closed forever?

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The Ham-Hams meet Barrette, a hamster who can knit. Who will win the challenge? Koi Uranai ” Japanese: Besuto Furendo ” Japanese: Laura decides to find her grandmother’s friend. She runs home and asks her mom if she can put one up at their house, too!


Everyone’s shoes are disappearing! She really wants to do something special for him, so when she sees one day how emotional he gets when he hears Maria playing the piano, Mimi decides that she is going to learn to play something for him.

Hamtaro Episode 208 (LQ) Gogoanime

Laura and Kana hear ghost stories at summer camp. Will the Ham-Hams and chickens work together to save Penelope and the baby chicken?

But that may prove to be more difficult than they thought The Ham-Hams learn from Maxwell that on the night of the festival, flowers fireworks will appear in epiwode sky. Boss is upset that he was such a coward, and he runs out of the clubhouse. Eventually Hamtaro and Boss share the story with the other Ham-Hams. Maxwell and Howdy start to fight.

Umi no Ie ” Japanese: Meanwhile, Laura learns decorative food preparation in cooking class. Meanwhile, Hamtwro and Kana’s families are having a garden party and watch the stars too. They take her to Dr. This episode was not aired in America because it is about a holiday that only the Japanese celebrate, and would be hard to dub.

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Meanwhile, Laura must do a project for school. Hamuhamu Torein ” Japanese: Haruna, and the Ham-Hams all drive out to visit Gabriel, Mr. Stan begins to ride with wild boars.

When the Ham-Hams decide what to play, Cappy wants to play hide and seek, but he speaks so waych, no one can hear him, and they go with Panda’s idea of playing dodgeball instead. Oni Taiji ” Japanese: Will Stan and Sandy forgive each other, and will Stan be able to impress Flora? The glory they get from Pashmina for the presents is quickly taken away when Penelope gives Pashmina some sunflower seeds.


In the course of preparing for the play, they are suddenly sucked into a strange Picture Book Tower, where Ayayamu tells them that they will be characters in her new book — a new and exciting version of the well-known fairy tale “Sunflower Taro”.

So the Ham-Hams and Sabu try to make a sup to Marron to get her to forgive him.

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When Laura visits Kana, she learns Kana returned home early because of the cold and created lots of sketches while at home. Will Hamtaro, Bijou, and Harmony stop Spat? Kie Ta Kutsu ” Japanese: They all tell Hamtaro and the others horrible jokes just like the real Howdy, and they can’t stand it, so Lapis and Lazuli make a potion to get wagch of the duplicates.

The Ham-Hams learn about a date. Yoshi, the Ham-Hams decide to create their jamtaro expressway system underground that would lead to the mountains. The Glass Slipper ” Transcription:

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