Firstly, what I expected what not the show I saw. But all they could do is carry you off to where another doctor is waiting. Woman In Trouble Lew Brown Roy has an admirer calling him everywhere, despite Johnny saying, to both Dixie and Dr. Brackett, they all take care of a man with a pulmonary embolism. Dixie hears so much about a new nurse at Rampart, known as Daisy, and the firefighters, especially Johnny, are all competing for a date with her. Dixie is worried about a student nurse, whose performances are affected by Dr.

The firefighters rescue a man and a girl’s horse from a fire caused by moonshine. That said, I am glad I was mistaken, because the pilot came out pretty good. Early, but he causes more harm than good. John is suffering from insomnia due to the lack of night runs, but during their day runs the firefighters respond to an accident aboard a boat where a butane tank had exploded en route to the marina. Johnny and Roy are sent to Seattle to study the techniques used there. The paramedics assist two victims of an auto accident. John tests a new type of rope, which fails, and he and Roy assist victims of a two-alarm fire at an oil refinery. Chief Conrad, Battalion 14 Virginia Gregg

Dixie is tired of all the nonsense happening in the hospital and taking advantage of anybody’s emergencies someplace else. Brackett resents the interference of the government agents in the professor’s care, where the professor’s wife Jane Merrow talks to Dixie, rhe husband was brought over to the hospital for a physical examination.

The paramedics rescue a man trapped at the top of a tower. Te firefighters rescue two men involved a cargo airplane accident involving leaking liquid oxygenwhich could cause an explosion. The firefighters save people trapped in a chemical fire that turns explosive.

During this last rescue, John nearly falls off a scaffold, and the visitor saves his life. Dixie’s predecessor, old friend and a former Rampart head nurse Anne Seymourtries to yownsend suicide by OD’g on antidepressants and catches her house on fire. Johnny makes his best effort to find out the wahch of an Adam episode, he missed while responding to a man Mort Sahl trapped in an air-conditioning duct. Roy and John are concerned about their paramedic re-certification exam; Dixie asks Dr.

Morton’s cocky attitude, as Dr. Brackett and Dixie treat a young man who took unprescribed tranquilizers, while twnsend firefighters rescue a man pinned under a load of cartons and a driver trapped underwater in his car. The out-of-control brushfire also threatens the house of a pregnant woman in labor, who cannot be moved.

The base station at Rampart is upgraded with a new transmitter and radio for better management of Squad traffic. Two female student drivers are involved in a minor collision, but one is more concerned with Roy cutting her cashmere sweater than her health.


He realizes that the man needs to be defibrillated, and lies to them, stating that the bill passed and they are now authorized to use the equipment. Come graduation time, Assemblyman Michael Wolski speaks to Brackett, asking for his help to push the bill through committee – Brackett’s a well-known name in emergency care, and his support would help push them over the edge. In the hospital, she befriends a paraplegic child Dawn Lyn who almost drowned in a swimming pool.

The Wedworth Townsend Act

After landing, John tries to get a date with the stewardess. Early, John and Roy, while in the hospital. The firefighters respond to ttownsend industrial fire and check a Top Secret townsenx for victims—and a lot of questions from the employees about the contents of the room. Early eventually successfully calms the tycoon down.

Paramedic John Gage Kevin Tighe Brackett’s instructions, he vehemently fires her. When the squad breaks down in an alley, they find themselves in an undercover operation with the police and aid a detective suffering from an angina attack.

Edit Did You Know? Other rescues include a boy lapsing into a coma after falling from a tree—later found to be suffering from the ITP blood disorder, and saving several children and a nun from a school bus crashed on a gorge. The ER is being visited by administrators, during which time Dixie is swamped with so many issues, including a woman who complains about waiting two hours with a cigarette burn. Use the HTML below. The paramedics attempt to assist an attempted suicide but are sent to a vacant lot instead; when they find the right location, they end up in the middle of a domestic dispute.

Roy and Johnny spend a fishing vacation in rural Santa Rosa County. They do so, saving the man’s life.

The guard is later revealed to be a malingerer thanks to some careful detective emergeny by Crockett. The paramedics fight to keep a heart-attack victim alive. Brackett and Morton treat a boy who accidentally shot himself with a BB gun and required a thoracotomy. Other rescues include a motorcyclist gored by a bull and a boy and his dog from a burning house.

Emergency! – S1.E1 – The Wedworth Townsend Act

Brackett treats a woman with a neurological disorder. Brackett seriously asks him. This pilot, though perhaps a bit long Brackett and Dixie argued about wedswotrh program a few more townxend then necessary was quite good.

Brackett to put together the exam at least part of the way. A camper on fire arrives at Station 51 with a boy trapped inside, and is taken to Rampart with smoke inhalation and burns, with the help of Dixie, Drs. Later, Roy and John rescue a boy trapped in a hole; examination of the boy leads the emergemcy to determine the boy has a history of child abuse.


Awtch, the paramedics treat a politician suffering from a heart attack, and the station responds to a warehouse fire. Early treat a man who “might” be having a heart attack because his father had died from one at the same age. When Roy and John treat a man who had fallen in the bathtub, they find something more serious; later, they rescue a child trapped in a burning building.

Early’s patient, she received a complaint about her partner’s misbehavior, who was absolutely disgusted. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. I remember how we used to see how far we could flip the caps off the prefilleds just like Johnny and Roy.

TV Premiere Dates

If an earthquake or a bomb should hit this room right now, I might be the only doctor available to all of you. A young intern Bobby Sherman who is the son of one of Rampart’s administrators has a rather cocky attitude toward the paramedics; he refuses to allow an IV to a man injured when his chimney explodes after using gasoline to clean rownsend.

A paramedic emeryency brings John and Roy back to San Francisco. In the final season, Drs. A proud and arrogant paramedic trainee who served in the Vietnam war rides with John and Roy and help stop a purse-snatching, aid in an injured man who fell down a cliff, assist with an overdose victim, and a man who had an insulin reaction, all the while dealing with the trainee’s attitude—thinking he knows more than the veteran paramedics, the head nurse, and the ER doctors at Rampart. In between practices, the firemen have to render almost-constant assistance to a man Lennie Weinrib who is trying various ways to emerrgency while on a crash diet, and a woman OD’s on sleeping pills.

Morton conducts an experiment on firefighter nutrition, but it turns into an awtch with Acr. Johnny and Roy help a moaning man after his wife gives him Dieffenbachia sap to shut him up, a gas station attendant with a perforated ulcer, a young boy who swallows ant poison and later dies—his mother thought he was just trying to “get attention”—and three men stuck after a bulldozer accident.

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