I think your choice here is made! I once was a pretty big Park Shi Hoo fangirl, and Jang Hyuk was the one who managed to unseat my Park Shi Hoo love and get me to cast aside my Park Shi Hoo fangirl loyalties, which were, once upon a time, pretty strong. Drama Fan June 2, at Sure, if you can make summaries, that would be wonderful and wonderful! For a good chunk of the time in Chuno, Jang Hyuk walks around either shirtless or almost shirtless. Joo mong Ending Theme Additional songs: Han Jae Suk Yuh Jin: The Breathtaking Pursuit of the Chased and Chased-after.

Jang Hyuk has a black belt in Jeet Kune Do, and it totally shows. I love this post. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Yes there is a difference Gumi!!!! Oh, you are SO in good company, Bella!! By the time she miscarried a child but no one knew about it. A masterpiece, despite its flaws. Lee Yo Won Dong Hee:

I love that they took real events and real people and worked with that and some dramatic license, to make this story.

And his body is ridiculous. To see such a hot man puzzling over how to approach a woman that he finds attractive, and bumbling over his words was rather cute. My conclusion on the writing not being very memorable was a very limited-scope sort of remark. She will get rid of Lee Ho to ensure her candidate of choice becomes king. Michele August 12, at 8: I loved his onscreen intensity, which you can see just from these couple of screencaps: Kim Do Hyung Writer: The end of the episode just blew me away.


My Sassy Girl is my fav of all time! I absolutely cannot tear my eyes away from him in that scene. Only the strong survives! Notify me of new posts via email. Surusa July 31, at Chuno in HD is an absolute must. A doctor dramadrazy is on the run after being framed for murder” I’ll give my life to save framacrazy I also read somewhere that in his spare time he has helped the ajummas separate their recyclables at a recycle center near where he lives. Now he’s petrified by his father, now drunk on the floor, now freaking over a blind-date, now convinced it’s all for nothing.

Nine Times Time Rramacrazy literal title Revised romanization: She waits for the right time to deliver the ultimate blow. Period, romance Broadcast network: He went to the place Sun Jae stayed during his visit to the capital in order to borrow money from him and he could make it.

I’m thrilled that you’ve been loving my recommendations, and I’m super dramwcrazy to hear your take on Jang Hyuk once you’ve checked him out properly for yourself! Hi Julianne, butting in to say, The Tree with deep roots is no Chuno, but the story is quite good.

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ddramacrazy She is smart enough to make use of her very giving father. Episode Recaps by dramatalk. He is absolutely fantastic in Tree! His first love is gone for good – or is she?


Si Young lives to satisfy his pleasures, killing many people in return and also ignoring his brother. Choi Won must elude his captors. Go directly to the aja-aja drqmacrazy if you want to download anything from there. In any case, even if Myeong Nong and Soo Baek Hyang are not blood relatives, they still will not end up together.

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Love that effortless sort of feel to it. Once you watch it, you would probably get a better idea of it. Email required Address never made raemang. I like that thought!

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Drama Daeman February 8, at 1: I love the wide range of emotions that JH is capable of expressing and how he dials his own energy up and down depending on the character and situation. I watched Winstruck last night. Even as a small child, his father knew that he would never be pleased with what he had.

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