Palo and Trina N. Member feedback about Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas: Sebastian Sam Milby continues to worry of Alex’s state in spite of what she has done. Member feedback about Doble Kara: Unaware that Melchor orchestrated the recent attempt on Carla’s life, Miguel asks Carla to stay with him in his hideout while they uncover the truth behind the rape case. Bianca, obsessed with Marco, does not stop searchimg for him and finds him stranded in an island. Meanwhile, Miguel takes drastic actions in hopes of driving Amanda out of his life.

Meanwhile, Carla gets in trouble as Amanda accidentally hears her phone conversation with Miguel. Two Wives is a Philippine television series remake based on the Korean drama of the same title. Anger gets the best of Marcus as he finds Miguel’s passport in Amanda’s keeping. Upon learning of Miguel’s predicament, Victoria urges her son Marcus to ensure Miguel’s expulsion in hopes of hitting Zenaida where it hurts the most. Storming to the field after seeing his mother get rocks thrown at her, Marcus holds his partner hostage threatening to kill him, but instead shoots Zenaida. Soon enough, Miguel once again faces the public as he undergoes his first trial.

While Zenaida continues to lobby for her son’s freedom, Victoria proceeds with her vicious plan against the mother and son by urging Carla to gain the sympathy of a women’s activist group. Member feedback about Doble Kara season 6: Victoria struggles to accept Marcus’s confession of his crimes, but resolves to protect him at all costs. In hopes of finding more evidence that might clear Miguel’s name, Zenaida ,ita Amanda return to the bar where the rape incident took place.

Member feedback about Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin: While Victoria finds ways to prove that Zenaida has something to do with Miguel’s escape, Richard starts to wonder if his wife is hiding something from him.

Synopsis Serena Liza Soberano is a young and beautiful Filipina woman who was adopted by a rich Italian father and mother when she was an infant. Carla dismisses the possibility that Miguel is her rapist, for she admits that she has fallen for him.

Getting suspicious of her son’s recent actions, Zenaida follows Bart, Johnboy’s brother, and soon finds out about Miguel’s escape plan. After refusing to disclose Miguel’s whereabouts to Richard, Zenaida loses her temper at Victoria for continuously accusing Miguel of being a criminal.

The winners are in bold. Just when things start to get better for him, Miguel finds himself holding on for dear life when his bitter rival Hudas enacts his ultimate retribution against him.


Amid the crisis that Zenaida and Miguel are facing, mother and son see a spark of hope upon the arrival of Congressman Carlos Vilches Dominic Ochoaa politician who pledges to help Miguel fight for his freedom. Seeing Richard’s undying support for Zenaida pushes Victoria to order the speedy process of Zenaida’s criminal case.

Fearing that she might lose her son again, Zenaida asks Miguel to forget about his plan to surrender and to consider other options in finding the truth about the rape incident. Meanwhile, a guilt-stricken Carla resolves to retract her statements against Joaquin and Miguel.

Miguel finds himself caught in an insuperable ordeal when Carla Diana Zubiri confesses that he and Joaquin Thou Reyes raped her. Upon discovering that Zenaida has found a new supporter in her political rival, Victoria takes it upon herself to ruin the public’s improving view on Zenaida’s son by telling the media that Miguel is receiving special treatment in prison.

Muling Buksan ang Puso lit. The movie begins with a foreshadowing of their fate when young Inno’s suffers an allergic reaction to the anesthesia and suffers a cardiac arrest while undergoing a hospital procedure donating his bone marrow to save his brother Oliver.

Amid his dilemma about getting his mother involved in his maneuver, Miguel faces another difficulty as his inmate Kirat threatens to expose Miguel’s escape plan to the prison wardens. In the wake of the tragedy that befell their family, Zenaida is left helpless as she struggles to endure the burden brought by her husband’s death.

Though deeply dismayed, Richard chooses to protect his son by tipping off Victoria that the NBI officials are all set to arrest Marcus. After Marcus nearly catches her with Miguel, Amanda comes across Miguel’s fake passport.

The court finally gives its verdict on Miguel and Joaquin, finding the two guilty of rape and frustrated homicide. There, she meets and falls in love with her Penpal friend, Tenten Enrique Gila poor and hardworking adopted boy from Tondo who was forced to take unconventional jobs for his family. Soon enough, Richard finds himself falling in love with Zenaida. After Marcus nearly catches her with Miguel, Amanda comes across Miguel’s fake passport.

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De Silva and Director Renato Hipolito are both jockeying for the top spot at the polls in order to secure the Senate Presidency and parlay such victory into a career as the President of the Philippines.


This article relies too much ocober references to primary sources. The court finally gives its verdict on Miguel and Joaquin, finding the two guilty of rape and frustrated homicide.

Meanwhile, Carla gets in trouble as Amanda mamajalin hears her phone conversation with Miguel. In order to survive, Miguel makes a decision he does not like.

Zenaida and Richard are confronted with a new problem after discovering that Victoria and Jimmy have given their support to Carla. Fearing that he might suffer the same fate as his father, Miguel deems it right to escape the authorities. Meanwhile, Miguel takes drastic actions in hopes of driving Amanda out of his life.

Meanwhile, Victoria finds Miguel’s fake passport as a clear evidence against Zenaida. Due to the malang she encountered with her mother Eloisa Rio Locsinher life is put through the test in a whole new environment with her father Javier Christopher de Leonand her two brothers Javi Joem Bascon and Jasper Ahron Villena.

Still doubting his innocence ocotber the rape case, Miguel desires to surrender to the authorities. Unfortunately, Amor and Eduardo’s love will be destroyed because of greed, ambition, and lies. Marcus slowly tries to aim and shoot Miguel, but fails his attempt while Miguel is quickly taking cover.

List of Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin episodes

Based on film of the same name, courtesy of Viva Films. He had studied there before he rose to his fame. While running away from their now unsafe hideout, Miguel and Carla come face to face with Armando. It starred Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales. Valdez is the father of actor-comedian, TV host and singer Janno Gibbs.

This was originally introduced in and was officially introduced in during the celebration of its 50th anniversary. She has appeared in hundreds of films and has appeared in various blockbuster hits.

Ronald James Gibbs born November 27, in Sampaloc, Manila, Philippinespopularly known by his on-screen name Ronaldo Valdez, is a veteran Filipino film and television actor whose career spanned for almost 5 decades.

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