And, as a 13 year old, I know what is really TV and this is so far away even my sibling thinks 5 years old can watch it. Many words may sound like certain words that kids use today. After Cameron cancels Cloe’s study date, the girls decide to throw a slumber party. This show also includes helping the community, giving back. Watching it made me realize a lot of things and I learned a few things from this show. Bratz is great and you should give them a chance you should love it. Yasmin who told them the truth,but the interns decided to get her in trouble with them and played like they didn’t know her. Bad Example Some reviewers said that little children don’t notice how sexy the bratz look, and that children just think they look pretty.

I believe Bratz is not that bad for children Helped me decide 2. The Bratz arrive in France to investigate the poisonings. It’s more then that. This show is not telling kids to wear stuff like that. Although, the language used is appropriate, except from the threats of their enemies.

They knew how to walk and carry themselves.

The girls try to balance writing a dating article while planning a magazine safari party; Dylan gives Eitan bad advice on how to ask Yasmin out. Many parents believed that this show is bad because of the mini skirts, so did the review for the Bratz.

Bratz teaches people horrible things First of all, I watched one episode. It’s ok This is my opinion on bratz I think they are soo dang ugly but the music is good and the tweevils are pretty funny but cloe is soo annoying if you love bratz dolls than bratz Is the show for you if you don’t like bratz dolls then it’s not the show fore you. At an older age, it become noticable, perhaps, but from the ages of 13 and under, the dolls are just fun to dress up and give new hairstyles.


But do you really want children thinking that is what pretty looks like? But I hate this show. YES This is good this is not a bad show i watch it and it is not bad there are no name calling or skippy outfits and no beting people up.

In the end they realize Burdine hypnotize them. Bratz are so stupid and ugly I can’t even look at one.

The Bad Doll Line strook back with a really bad message for people! Unfortunately, for Sasha, the Tweevils have secured her Press Pass and she cannot interview Alonce, and to make matters worse, she looses her voice. This is were true trusted, friends come in and being humble. Had useful details 3. Kid, 11 years old June 4, Their are episodes that shows you how you should treat one another and tell the truth.

How to add a video: Share this page with your friends and followers:. They have big bdatz lips, slutty clothes, bleh. I wasn’t a crazy big fan but I liked the botheded.

They aren’t thinking, “Oh Bratz are bad watcch. I still look to them as role models after watching them for over 10 years.

Bratz Season 1 –

You might obthered a new friend, you might have more stuff in common then you think. I started watching it with many old cartoons on 4kids TV, along with Winx Club, and still watch it now.

The Tweevils, hoping to get some embarrassing pictures of the girls without make-up, follow behind. Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels?


Watch Bratz season 1 episode 10 Online

There is always a lesson in the show datch may not be direct but if you really watch and sit down to understand you will realize what the episode was about.

To help others and realize botheged world does not evolve around you. Many words may sound like certain words that kids use today. Jade gets knocked unconscious and dreams that Burdine and the Tweevils have taken over Stilesville and the world, turning everything pink and wiping out individuality.

How old is your kid? Bad Example Some reviewers said that little children don’t notice how sexy the bratz look, and that children just think they look pretty.

Bratz follows the adventures of Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and Jade as they scoop the hot stories for their own teen magazine. But, when you listen closely they say nothing like that. In season 1 episode 7 ” Manicuring Candidate” that episode shows that you shouldn’t scoop to the other people levels but beat them fair and square.

They show respect and one of brwtz episodes in BFF is botheed perfect example.

To add a video paste video url directly into your comment. Helped me decide 8. It has many episodes in there that shows you that it is not all about passion for fashion. Optional, please keep it short. This show may seem like money, shopping, clothes and fashion is the only thing important and what makes youyou but its not.

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