This mohogany XB plays like a much more expensive bass, most mohogany basses cost 2 to 3 times as much as this one. This piece is absolutely well made. I have had it a couple of months and so far it has been an excellent instrument! Ok, not really, just parts of it. The XB is a starter bass. I owned a ‘s Fender Precision back when and this plays no different except it’s easier to play. This is my second bass in the last 10 years and I expect it to be the only one I’ll need for several years to come. The finish – I got the black one like everything for my guitars and Harley’s- is superb.

This piece is absolutely well made. ChicagoKid Full Member Posts: This mohogany XB plays like a much more expensive bass, most mohogany basses cost 2 to 3 times as much as this one. Every Day is a Good Day. It was brand new and factory packed. I know this because I had a strap come loose and I chipped the paint on my drummer’s rack.

The dot-commers bought them in lots and are practicly giving them away. From the solid body to the tuners to the bridge to the neck Login or Sign Up. Here’s where your knowledge in set ups pays off.

It can be muddy.

So far I haven’t found anything I dislike. Is the XB a good bass to start out with? Not satisfied with those reviews? I got this bass from my uncle a few years ago. The wood is just beautiful. BTW, the complaints below about the sound quality are probably from clueless individuals with bad bass rigs. I would recommend this bass to anyone. It’s usually a good one. But since the bass itself is of good quality, why not simply upgrade the pickups when you get good enough to be able to take advantage of the better sounds?


The XB is a starter bass. Got it originally for my daughter but she likes guitar better so I ended up with it. This is a light but substantially solid axe. Hey guys, I’m a guitar player, have been for about 6 years.

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All user reviews for the Washburn XB100

It’s lightweight, easy to handle, and quite honestly is a xg100 bass. The starters will be based on the Taurus series. I found string selection is key key key.

It’s easy to use for a beginner and for gigging without straining your back! I still can’t believe it. Asthetically pleasing with a clean design, this bass in my humble opinion is a GREAT bass for beginner and intermediate players. A pickguard would be nice to as I do use a pick frequently but. No gaps where the neck bolts on. Well, depends on who’s making these basses. The kind of amp makes a great deal of difference, a cheap amp will make even an expensive bass sound bad. Sries this waahburn a pawn shop in early and my mother traded some old jewelry for it.

Bolt on neck, pretty solid construction. Anyway I’ve decided that I xxb100 to start playing bass as well.

But it is a budget bass, so for the money, it’s decent. It is solid mohagany which is much better than alder wood for musical instruments. ChicagoKid Full Member Posts: This review was originally published on http: I love the purple paint too. If it had not been for this bass, I don’t think I would be as tonally constructive as I am today.


My Question to you all is this: I have tried out a few Fender Spuires, but none of them have sounded as solid and rich as this bass. It’s a good starter bass.

This will do great for starters–and, not to puncture too many egos here, if you’re playing bass in a full band, no one will even notice the difference. Request a new review.

WASHBURN XB bass guitars

What’s nice is that this bass is lighter than many basses, with a thinner neck, but is seeies less solid in construction. I like this bass. I know this because I had a strap come loose and I chipped the paint on my drummer’s rack. I’m a girl, but I know, that this series is good to me.

For a budget bass found used at a pawn shop? Body is made of solid mahogany, neck is maple, fingerboar is a nice thick slab of rosewood.

Washburn XB Bantam Bass User Review by Greg Harris

Write a user review Ask for a user review. This piece is absolutely well made. Did you find this review helpful? I purchased this bass after researching for a couple of months. GHS Boomers currently strung. Unit is special painted couldn’t find if this was an option black with silver metal flake.

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