I was saying the yahoos taking shots at you are not providing links or anything of the sort, just bare accusations. She has become an activist. Whether it’s the military, a school, or a church, there tend to be some parallels: We began visiting these websites in the fall of and were shocked by what we were reading. A person is knocked out before they know it. SGM was, if nothing else, very consistent across all of their franchises.

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. It was the focal point as you entered the front door of the church. He lowered his voice again, telling his congregation they wouldn’t make such a big mistake. But even then, maintaining a legal marriage though seperated, can provide a degree of psychological and emotional protection from jumping into another deeply troubled relationship [ and that’s the betting odds. Be vague when people question your absences. The hands and feet of God! We just couldn’t understand the appeal. Most recent attack on C.

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However, none of those named supported her stories of abuse. Witnesses I was one were prepared to testify under oath to that fact. Arrogance and Christian do not go together. It is so nice to enjoy our pastors and be told how much we are loved by Jesus.

Your prayers watcch appreciated. If anyone is game, let Jim know. The media needs your help. Over dinner last summer, Pam marveled at what a homeschooling, “stay-at-home Christian mom” managed to do — bring a group of people together to stand up against a denomination led by men.

Well, no use crying over spilt milk. I think that this is t he reason why so many are confused.

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Do these people study logic? The rise of church discipline in America Part 1 “. Is he a sinner? He is one of them. I think that this is the real thing.


The hands and feet of God! The article explains that the teenage boy’s mother confided to Kate that her son was acting out so intensely that she was worried about him. The actual victim did not participate in that lawsuit. I know what constantly receiving threats, some physical, is like as well. There must come a point — if a woman wants to expose the manipulative, evil forces at work when it comes to covering up child sex abuse, or any other kind of abuse — to be resolved NOT to care what anyone in her social sphere may think of her.

After eighteen months, an independent investigator concluded her accusations likely never happened. Sometimes I am a bit dense!! If you have a weakness for addictive men, you’ll likely trade your first addict in for a second addict, just addiction of a different kind. Perhaps he bought his way into their hearts with his generous contributions. Most recent attack on C. You are such a hero to us! She testified that the defense had refused to settle out of court, requiring that the case be heard in court on its merits.

We have a lot of ex SGMers who are regulars over here. I think the saddest part of this whole incident is that CJ and friend friends were never deposed under oath. Our blog, our rules. According to Kate, he told his mother he had been “inappropriate” with Ann who was three when the abuse occurred…. It would be nice if they could just say something to someone who could communicate it to the former readers.


That was one person Ennis testifying and therefore I have issues with her situation.

Update on SGM Survivors: Use This Post for New Comments | The Wartburg Watch

In the initial months, the accused were labeled child sex offenders and the story of the abuse, truth be damned, was aggressively promoted in news, radio and social media. Court documents reveal that the teenage boy was charged with ‘object penetration’ and ‘aggravated sexual battery’. And, they destroyed the lives of some very innocent people. We do not plan in shutting down this blog in the foreseeable future.

This post includes the story of Wallace and Happymomwhose children were also abused in yet another Sovereign Grace church.

They just used different words. I think you need to make that decision yourself. I think it came more from the trustees, who all wartburgg course had six figure incomes, why would they need daycare?


It wasn’t until C. If you decide to stay, just be cautious. Once again, I urge you to start a website in which you can defend the stories you believe to your hearts content.

New Calvinism is a bizarre and potent form of idolatry. Which is the usual response by awrtburg with any spiritual sense looking at the New Calvinist movement.

Too many interesting and important stories and too few hours to tell them. I personally think there are New Testament Scriptures that allow for divorce but not necessarily for re-marriage.

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