Go back across and enter the upper-right room above the ladder. Then, drop to the lower area and head into the east area. Crawl back to the right and continue to the waterfall room yet again. Ads keep the MarioWiki independent and free: Avoid the poisonous gas, then switch to Thief Wario and enter the next room. Then, drop to the lower segment and go into the left room. Before you climb it, go into the west room and use Dragon Wario to clear the fire blocks.

The Sphinx Sits on a Secret! Use Genius Wario to reveal a hidden switch; punch it and use Dragon Wario to fall through the ledges, then go left while the gate is still open. With this new disguise, you will be able to find secrets in certain rooms. In this room, defeat the robot enemy and clear the blue fire blocks with Dragon Wario so you can reach the chest containing an “Itchy Top Hat”. Snow Globes are blue orbs that follow Wario if he is not looking in their direction. Make a box over the switch with Arty Wario, then exit the room. Here, you will engage in a boss fight against Count Cannoli, as you would expect. Get to the end without tripping the lines and you will reach a chest containing the Wicked Mastery Gem, which allows you to fly in any direction.

Jump back out and drop through the opening to the room below.

Rooms completely filled yellow signal a special chest purple or green is located there. On the upper-right ledge, use Arty Wario and place one box in epiaode right corner, then crawl through the hidden passage and punch the large amster on the wall as Genius Wario. Please note that you won’t have much time to think your plan over. You will end up in a room with a giant portrait of Tiaramisu in the center.

Walk across the icy platform and defeat the enemies, then float on vs water as Captain Wario. Quickly open the chest below to get the Sweatmore Superhotpants. You should now be in the room that’s glowing orange on your map. Lure them above the stalk, then jump on them to water the plant, causing a beanstalk to grow. The dolphin will go about its usual pattern, so jump on its head three separate times like before.


These spikes are fired towards Wario in an attempt to harm him.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Guides and FAQs

Use Dragon Wario to light the middle torch, then go across to the chest containing a “Somewhat-Useless Morphing Belt”. Step into the upper-left room and shoot the switch above, then leave and reenter the room so the blocks will be set in place. At the top, go right through the opening as Wicked Wario and fly to the right. Use Genius Wario masteg go through the hidden door that appears at the far left.

This one’s a bit of the lumpy sludge instead.

Munchelangelos are gray mice that attack Wario with a biting lunge. Head right and drop to the lower area, then head left to the door. In the middle of the top screen below the map is Wario’s money total from that episode.

Crawl through a hidden passage at the bottom of the Sphinx platform, then go through the door at the other side. In there, use Arty Wario to make a block in the corner, then become Thief Wario and jump from it to the upper ledge.

With the upgraded hotpants, head back up the shaft above and into the right room at the top. Climb down to the previous room and head all the way right. Watch the tutorial to learn how to use your new disguise, then go right into the following area come back later with Wicked Wario and fly up to a chest atop the pole containing the “Grizzled Prospector Candy”.

Beware of the electrical currents on your way up, stepping off the switch to stop the elevator if needed each press uses up one of your eight charges, keep that in mind. The hints will come in the form of icons corresponding to a given disguise.

At the very bottom, save your game, but before you continue, use Dragon Wario to fall through the thin ledge into the room below. Blow Globes are spherical, floating creatures that reveal their mouths when Wario approaches. Continue to the left, defeating the dog statue enemy, and drop to the lower area. All of the mushrooms are timed, so you need to be quick to activate the next one in the sequence or else you’ll have to start over.


For now, fisguise onto the crumbling bridge and sink into the water.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

Light up the room with Sparky Wario and open the chest below to get another Vita Mighty return later to find a “Fusty Golden Candle” in a red chest here. There, drop to the lower area and head into the lower-left room.

Head right and destroy the fire block with Dragon Wario, then enter the right door. Now, go back to the seesaw and stand on the left side. After a quick lesson about how to use him, Goodstyle transforms Wario into a ddisguise thief, the silent but deadly Purple Wind.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Walkthrough

When you reach the room where you first jumped into the lava, you will see a stack of blocks to the left; shoot through them and enter that area. Climb up the other side and enter the room to the left.

This may take a while, but once you hit them, climb down the ladder and go into the west room. Cross the room while avoiding the enemies, then in the following warioo, jump over the pit and enter the door you see. Drop to the ledge directly below you and enter the right room by crawling through a hidden passage.

In there, make your way to the top area by using Dragon Wario and Genius Wario to make platforms appear. Use Dragon Wario to clear the blue fire blocks to the right, then use Arty Wario to press the green mushroom to the right.

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