Personal life Fernandez was born on November 7, in Manila, Philippines. One day, Carl’s little brother Julian tripped over a wire and disconnected parts of the car! She soon realizes that it is not easy being a lady so she regrets being a grown-up. Worse, all the adults in their town go missing, causing the survivors, all of which are children, to panic. She was later revealed to be cursed with the hair. A boy from outer and inner beauty space is left and right behind on earth and on outer and inner space. Will the two friends be able to heal the wounds of their parents’ past and finally teach them to forgive and forget?

How will Lily and Ian help Bokbok to escape from the hands of Divina? Until Beauty’s Yaya Doray decided to make a spell on Beauty that will teach her a lesson, causing her to gain Myra’s hair, Susan’s skin color, and Candy’s birthmark. Soon she realizes that saying bad things to others is bad and soon become friends with the three ugly girls. In , Maja Salvador took a break from the show for three months in order to focus on Nagsimula sa Puso. It turns out to be that a woodcutter with his wife wished to have a child. When he discovers that his friend’s cape has superpowers, Badong steals it and uses it to help people for money.

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However, wasnapanataym old man who is a butterfly reminds him that Anna will only live normally for one week. Kael is a little boy who doesn’t give time to his own family. As she continues to deceive herself with her undeserved grades, Sarah wansapanatam cheating on a different level when she was given a magic ballpen that can answer test questions on its own.

Member feedback about Yen Santos: A story that will teach the importance of parents’ guidance, and how important it is as children to obey them. Mitos is a selfish young girl who is not fond of sharing her toys with others, including her younger sister.

His guardian angel Denise Laurel accidentally fell from the sky but will try to change him from having a bitter to a happy life. Caroline KC Concepcion and her sister Ponsi are forced into domestic servitude under their evil relatives after their father, Dado, wansapanatahm falsely accused of stealing jewelry.


She is the daughter of Sylvia Sanchez, a veteran actress, and Arturo Atayde, a businessman. He will discover that the things he do is wrong and he needs to change his attitude towards his family. Their special “skill” helped them survive.

Cara-Jao Danilo Barrios A man who can understand animal language, was approached by a carabaopleading to find her missing son. It revolves around wansapanaataym life of Eric, a disobedient young boy who doesn’t want to be controlled by others.

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In turn, she helps the toys. They will try to find a solution to solve the problem of Javier to go to heaven. She also rescued a girl that almost fell off a Ferris wheel and stop illegal fishermen from destroying the ocean by using dynamites to catch fish. One day, Haring Kidlat decides to punish her and attacks her with lightning bolts. Visitacion Parado born July 2,better known by her screen name Tetchie Agbayani, is a Filipina movie and television actress, Mutya ng Pilipinas, psychology instructor and Playboy model.

Badong is a boy who wants to become a superhero. Member feedback about Toni Gonzaga: She uses a magical ointment to rub on her face which turned her into Mylene Jessie Mendiola. However, as her family starts to live a wealthy life, Kate suddenly becomes too arrogant and loose with their money. Billy is responsible for realizing the meaning of true friendship and how badly he treats his dog: As she continues to kill and ruin all the plants that her mom planted, Rose discovers that there are magical pixies looking after their garden.

Pia, a vain narcissist works as a car sales agent, while Upeng is an ugly woman but kind and has a sweet voice was struck by lightning on the same place and switched their bodies.

Tina is a girl who likes to waste electricity. If Annika fails to find her savior with a pure heart before the painbrushes run out, she’ll sticks into the “Pure Heart” portrait forever. She is currently enrolled at the University of the Philippines Open University taking up her bachelor’s degree in multimedia studies. The, all of a sudden, so did the car.

Vanessa wants to be invisible so that she won’t be always commanded by her mother. Gelli is a young lady who is often ridiculed for her physical appearance but finds a way to make herself beautiful through a genie, whom she summons from a magical bottle.


After letting her younger brother escape, she chased down Horje until she cornered him.

Janella Salvador born March 30, is a Filipino actress and singer. Diwalding the diwata and Flora gave him a calming serum in his magic milk.

The woman also said that she can turn anyone into statues when she turns seventeen. The ghost is able to go to heaven, and the teenager who wore the shoes is healed. Danillo Barrios, Jodi Sta. Impostor which came out In Sarah is a student who has a hobby of cheating on her exams. New Year’s Special Episode Cast: When an inscription on the mirror is read, two identical versions of herself appear.

Percy changes the appearance of each person because of the magical tablet. Carl Wanspaanataym Falcon finally bought the car of his dreams. One day, he and his best friend Gwen Angel Sy went to the school library. Because of her bad behavior, a magical bird will punish her to become a human bird.

How will she eat again?

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However, despite Gigie’s effort on using her powers to help Allan gain wansapanqtaym points in school, the boy did not keep his promise and left her stuck in the bottle. Espie Maymay Entrata pretends to be a fortune teller after she’s getting into an accident when her life has been change until she has psychic abilities like her father; Pidiong Jojit Lorenzo when she finds out she has a third eye that she’s given the ability to talk to the dead people and even her dead father.

Now, Lisa learns a valuable lesson of proper care for the hair. Cats day, he cuts a tree wanaspanataym their yard so that there would be enough space for the court he wants, that causes all the plants in their garden to panic.

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