The watch dial and bezel are all original having developed a beautiful light blue fade to them. Cyma is currently owned by a Hong Kong-based holding firm, and still produces watches in Switzerland under their own name. The Enicar brand gradually came to focus on sports watches geared toward active persons. Most frequently, magnetism is the cause behind a watch running abnormally fast, slow, or stopping altogether. Item Location see all. You are responsible for viewing and enlarging all images. It was ultimately purchased by Citizen in The company was later taken over by his two sons.

If you are wearing an automatic wind wristwatch for eight to ten hours and moving normally I. Explore More from this Seller. At first glance, the scattered remains of brands like Wakmann, Nivada, Minerva, and Le Jour appear to be traps for new collectors or an estate dump. As a result, the U. So why is it on our list of unexpected watches? Second Time Around Watch Company main::

A rather common, non-column wheel chronograph, which has a nice movement. Note that you can find another early as the next consecutive lot, but it’s not in as good condition. As found in estate. Wakmann Chronograph Watches Refine Results. Unlike a perpetual calendar, these watches will need to be manually adjusted at the end of every month with fewer than 31 days.

The RAX symbol and caliber are stamped under the balance. In the company was inherited by five persons one of them was the wife of the famed psychoanalyst Dr. Just gently pass your watch over it, keeping your watch very close to, but not touching, the compass.


The company became very successful in its efforts and was soon winning prizes and exporting timepieces internationally.

Lessons in Wristory: What’s a Wakmann? – Wound For LifeWound For Life

It is currently owned by the Movado Group. The company had produced several thousand fewer watches than promised to shareholders. After a long day at work, a person might come home at night wakmannn then place their timepiece on top of the TV set.

A perpetual calendar complication wacth a very advanced version of the typical date window display on a standard wristwatch. The crown will spin in both directions, but will only wind in one direction: These watches were stamped Wakmann Watch Co and used Swiss ebauches which were again cased and timed in the states.

At left, the crown is fully threaded in and locked to the case, it cokpany not wind or set. In certain rare occasions, a watch can become so magnetized that magnetism can only be removed by disassembling the watch and demagnetizing individual components. By the middle of the 19th Century, a relationship watvh established with the Jules Racine import firm in the United States, which continued well into the latter half of the 20th Century.

This exceptional function enables wearers to always read Wakmann watches quickly and easily in any environment including complete darkness. It looks very well preserved.


The crystal has scratches but no cracks. Hi I have an old, Wackmann chronograph telemeter brown faced watch, it I think is a pilots watch.

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Wakmann Chronograph Watches

They continued producing a variety of high-grade wristwatches for many decades, creating everything from simple time-only watches to complicated chronographs and repeaters. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Caring For Your Mechanical Timepiece. Vintage More from this Seller. February 19th, 7. The chronograph functions work correctly, and the watch Glycine focused on the production of high grade ladies watches before reconcentrating efforts on the production of high grade sporting and military chronographs.

Some of the Wakmann Chronograph offerings were creations of Charles Gigandet. Turn the crown forward clockwise with a long stroke.

There was no easy supply of labor, parts took a long time to travel across country, and he had to fabricate machinery himself. February 19th, 4. Wakmann Watch — For the time of your life.

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