While Percedal tries to figure out what his master meant by ‘daddy’, he is able to deduce she is pregnant before she is taken a hostage at gunpoint by Remington. The adventurers set sail on Black Ink’s ship for the final leg of their journey, and Qilby, Adamai and Grougaloragran discover the Zinith ship. In overtime, all plays have unlimited charge in their equipment, making the final point all the more hectic. Encore merci et courage pour la suite ; chargement…. Adamai refuses to believe that, believing that this fight is still a horrible idea. He proves to be a tough foe, even having his own beam attack, but Yugo uses his portal to deflect Father’s beam attack back at him. Goultard tells Percedal that he still has much to see in do, ending his statement with ‘daddy’ before launching into battle. But when he gets severely beaten, Rubilax causes chaos when he takes control of Dally, and makes him go out of control.

Je voulais vous poser une question. Ruel traps him inside a glass vase and leaves McDeek in his vault. Je parle ici du genre et de la cible. Lists of French animated television series episodes. Percedal is, in fact, the current incarnation of the Iop God with his powers slowly returning after Goultard, his child from a past life, defeated Rushu in battle and after Percedal went into an advanced state of being after his children, who are now revealed to be Demi-Gods, were threatened by the Count’s goons. Episodes de la saison 1.

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Encore merci et courage pour la suite ; chargement…. When they come across a baby piglet, they kill it and cook it, angering the lord of the pigs, The Dragon Pig. He leaves it behind at the behest of his wife, but his mind cannot leave it alone. His spirits pleads with Rubilax to help like he did the last time he died after the battle with Razortime. The mysterious figure, calling himself Oropo and accompanied by Adamai, disengages the bubble and sends them back to their normal age, coercing them to enter and fight his brotherhood of demigods.

When finding the Dofus swison the hidden sactuary, Yugo discovers that he must battle a giant stone creature that guards it in order to get it.

Qilby grows in anger and launches at him. He effortlessly overpowers the goon leader and saves his children.

Wakfu : Episodes de la saison 1

Je viens de terminer le visionnage de la saison 3 sur Netflix ; un vrai grand plaisir. Five recall potions fall out and the group uses them.


Amalia, who’s also wrestling with romantic feelings for Yugo, agrees to an arranged marriage with a Xelor count who lives in the arctic, something Percedal finds insulting to the sanctity of marriage because of his attempts to propose to Eva. Percedal decides to fight him on his own and the fight brings back some memories of the moments the two of them shared. His voice tells Eva to find him in a place called “Rubilaxia”.

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Rushu and his wicked minions have brought the World of the Twelve to its knees, and the ultimate battle unfolds on the island. Inside they run into two ladies on a pilgrimage sison their home kingdom, Amalia Sheran Sharm and her pipin, Evangelyne, who join him on his journey. When they arrive they find the marketplace under attack by the Black Crow. The Clock falls apart from the fight and the Sadidas move into finish Nox off, only to be stopped by Yugo, seeing that despite all the destruction, Nox was doing this to save his family and that he’s already been beaten.

Oropo is about to open the Hyperzaap and episose it to destroy the gods. Enraged, Sybannak attacks with the Venus flytrap monsters. But along the way, three troublesome rogues may cause the end of their adventure A few years had passed since Percedal and Yugo defeated Ogrest and Adamai left.

The origin tale of the villain Nox.

That is the question! With Goultard’s wisdom, Dally finally begins to learn how to become a true Shushu Guardian: The others, McDeek included, follow after him. It merges with Rubilax, turning into a monstrous demon. Lost, the group finds themselves in front of a tower belonging to four sisters who wish to find the perfect husband.

Eva gives birth to a boy, ending the shockwaves and the pain, but the tower is in shambles. The gang, traumatized by the time bubble, enter Oropo’s tower to rescue Eva and Flopin. Meanwhile, Igol is back, and continues to hunt down Adamai.

With Yugo and the others stranded in the middle of the North, Grougaloragran and Nox’s decisive battle will not only decide the fate of Oma Island but the World of Twelve itself! He presumably kills the debt collector and his workshop turns into a deformed version of his giant clock fortress.

With Father defeated, and worried about Mother finding out, the Bullies flee, leaving the Puddles to live in peace. But when he gets severely beaten, Rubilax causes chaos when he takes control of Dally, and makes him go out of control.


S01E05 – Les 5 magnifiques. Nox moves on with his plan and succeeds in going back in time, but they only went back twenty minutes, to before the Tree’s destruction, but right after Dally’s death.

Yugo, Amalia, Ruel, and Elely arrive at the Ecaflip floor of the tower. Along the way, the group encounters the ruler of the forest, the Soft Oak, who plans to turn all humans into trees in revenge for the destruction his forest has suffered. The mountain begins its fall to the world. After the chaotic events of the previous episode, Percedal has gone missing, and Ruel has been thrown in prison.

Saul is able to claim the hammer and command overwhelming power because of it, but Botun and Amalia, who had been lamenting the inevitable end of the journey before they arrived, are able to outsmart him and reclaim the hammer, defeating him by sending him lle the stratosphere on a giant tiki totem.

Amalia has become emotionally distant to everyone and angry and her brother and his new wife with her father sick and presumably dying. While Percedal tries to figure out what his master meant by ‘daddy’, he is able to deduce she is pregnant before she is taken a hostage at gunpoint by Remington. Alibert, seeing Yugo’s power, decides to tell him the truth: Percedal gives Remington a hard punch and Granny a hard kick, launching them into the sea.

The Brotherhood of the Tofu, now reunited, along with the Sadida Kingom’s warriors, go on the offensive to stop him and his giant clock from reaching the tree. His research turns into obsession; his body begins to wither from malnutrition, his movements become more erratic, and his mind becomes unstable.

Casting de la saison pinnpin. In a last act of self-sacrifice, Echo uses her powers to send Yugo’s group and the Demi-Gods though the Hyperzaap, leaving her and Oropo, who still loves her, to die as the Eliacube creates a massive black hole that destroys Oropo’s dimension.

Using what remained of his power, Yugo was able to open a sason to the Shushu dimension. Its protector is Kerubim and Atcham’s brother, Ush.

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