It seems not an episode goes by without her uttering one of these. In contrast with Dianite, he is order. She says flat-out to Sparklez that she’s going to die soon and he needs to let her go. She was one of Jordan’s brief Love Interests and a devout follower of Ianite. Everything is about to change, hopefully for the better. The Boomerang by saentiel reviews The boomerang was simple object, just a child toy’s. Takes place in Mianite.

Read as these fun and goofy friends go through a roller coaster of emotions to find out what is going on. Often seems to be this. Follow the adventures of Crystal and Crisis as they try to keep a low profile and keep their friends out of danger. Please choose a satisfying and delicious index page to put it on. In Season 1, he succeeds. In Season 2, he doesn’t take kindly to anyone who harms Ianita. Jordan kills him and takes it.

II_Jeriicho_II (Tucker Boner)

The old Spark will be found uncontious in an abandoned town, Mot will be found deep under the tree in Kaptris, The Dwarves in Thel Olhim will ask to help aid in the fight, wzglington Helgrind will be found and will help. He’s trying to maintain order, but by violent and unethical means.

Of course peace and quiet never last long in the land of Ruxomar. Start of a Revolution by talker reviews On the mianiye that the revolution dawns, Tom rushes to break Steve out of his jail cell with Jordan’s help- but not all goes as planned.

Tom will pretty much betray anyone as long as Dianite tells him to. It’s up to the children of the Mianite crew to fix what went wrong long ago. He will also kidnap and try to kill Dianite and Ianite they will also be rendered helpless. Interruptions and Sidetracks by Lethe the Dragon reviews Tom is trying to tell Jordan he likes him but keeps getting interrupted and sidetracked.


This is made for entertainment and for other people that like the Mianite Series. It’s questionable for Season 2, he wants a vessel and he doesn’t seem to squirm over the details on how to obtain a new one.

Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence: Country Bat’s adopted father. He chose to stay in Ianarea instead of jump into the void with the heroes. Martha implies that his relationship with Tom’s alternate self, Mot, was a bit more than just friendship. Red and Black and Evil All Over: See more of CaptainSparklez on Facebook.

His awkwardness when interacting with female characters who all seem to have a crush on him can be really endearing. He loves em those mass producing power reactors. The Unofficial Realm of Mianite fanfiction archive. They become canon in the final episode.

On the whole, condemning your own son’s religion and then locking him in a high-security prison doesn’t make Helgrind the best of dads.

She is a Mianite follower and co-champion to Tucker. The Elements of Minaite by 1eragon33 reviews Discord sends the Mane 6 into the void.

Deviser gets tired of Mianite pushing him around, So he decides to finalr the group to the final Crypt where he will resurrect Dianite. The Boomerang by saentiel reviews The boomerang was simple object, just a child toy’s.

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Takes particular joy in this lifestyle. Friend to All Living Things: Crappy summary but it will get better, I swear. And that’s just one example. Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Waglungton more one researches Thaumcraft, the more insane they become. All Updated within 24 hours Seasln within 1 week Updated within 1 month Updated within 6 months Updated within 1 Year – Published within 24 hours Published within 1 week Published within 1 month Published within 6 months Published within 1 Year Genre: Adorably Precocious Child Braids of Action: This page has not been indexed.


From what we’ve heard about him, he can be.

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He tends to trust anyone who is nice to him, despite who they are or what they’ve done. Often keeps a pet Snow Golem s named Borris. Towards Ianite’s miniature seaso, Ianita. At his best in Season 1, and at his worst in Season 2. A bit of angst.

After coming back as a zombie, she still seemed to be at least partially aware of her current state seaso begs to be killed until her brother finally obliges and ends her brief rampage. Towards Season 2 Mianite. The Final Fight by CatGhost reviews SyndiSparklez-Mianite Verse Although they’d fought and given everything for their gods, when the time came there was no one left to save them.

He appeared in one episode, and mianiet never really mentioned afterward.

It seems not an episode goes wablington without her uttering one of these. She helped Death out with a few jobs in Season 1, not known to anyone.

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