More items related to this product. Highly recommended for lovers of old manual lenses. Flare is very well controlled. The legendary Vivitar Series 1 has great resolution and far superior manufacturing, as does this lens. I use it with my Pentax KD and shoot very sharp with this. If auto-focus, I go with my Tamron SP I have the and Vivitars, and the SP Tammy.

True, the is a varifocal and not a true zoom, and all the reviewers of the day were very conscientious in pointing that out. Pentax Items for Sale. The mm zoom makes it a truly versatile lens giving you a nice range from wide to telephoto and even gives you macro to 1: Smooth and positive with no slop or creep. I owned one of these for a summer and took some very nice photo’s with it and mine even had about a dozen tiny like rock chips in the front element. Be warned that the lens is a hefty beast. Problem is removing the back mount assembly.

Test charts The following images are pixel-level crops from the test chart. Red Star by Terry Smith. Condition of my copy Optics: The Canon is a 2 ring true zoom.

Vivitar Series 1 mm F Zoom | Photography Forums

It is heavy as hell and I really like it so far. Contemplating the Next Move by Glenn Seplak. It is built by Komine. Back to ,acro lenses performance: You must log in or sign up to reply here. It pairs very nicely with the Vivitar series one mm f2.

Southern New Mexico Posts: Many people do not like it mainly macri it was manufactured by Cosina. Distortion is minimal and density across the field is very uniform. Much prefer this website Here’ s a Phil. So if you put the three together you cover everything from 19mm to mm. One of the reasons this lens is as good as it is is that it is not really a zoom but a Varifocal lens. Since the yellow side never becomes really sharp, the aberrations are rather hard to correct in post processing.


It’s a very good lens. Just yesterday, it rolled off 28-90km as I was changing lenses during a shoot and hit the ground with a resounding thud. I had this lens, but it failed due to oil on the blades and I was unable to find a repair shop that would touch it. I don’t find a microprism or split image aid helpful with any zoom.

Pentax Serial Number Database.

Vivitar also marketed two versions of a Great IQ for it’s vintage, Built like a tank. The one touch zoom and focus ring works well, because the increased resistance makes it easy to hold focus while moving and zooming.

So I’ve given up for now.

Oh I forgot to add, hard to read the pages you posted, but the gist certainly seems to be that the is basically as good as its earlier cousin, the I gave it to a guy who repaired lenses as a hobby and got it back unassembled. JamieKApr 14, And it is much, much lighter, too.

All of the Viv Series 1 ‘s were made by Komine. Here’s a couple of pictures I took this afternoon with the Viv S1 Hope you can read them – not the best copies Phil. It’s great to see you back on the forum! One guy over at KY Photo, the place you go to when you have repair questions, suggested that the blades have to be gotten to through the front and that the lens has to be totally dismantled. Thu Jul 14, 9: Click here to see on Ebay. But I remember that ad. Chromatic aberrations in certain lighting needs to be removed and is vivitag often blue.


This is shot at the 28mm setting at f Boomer, I can understand your son. Don B in Hampton Roads. Desert Sunset by Glenn Seplak. It is suitable for shooting sporting events, concerts, street shots, and weddings. Tue Jun 21, 8: One thing to be aware of is that this lens is known to suffer from sticky seriew oily iris blades.

Review: Vivitar (Komine) Series 1 28-90 mm f/2.8-3.5 Macro Focusing Zoom

I’ve done everything I can think of, short of using force, to get that back mount assembly loose, but just haven’t had any luck. After the Rain by Glenn Seplak.

True, the is a varifocal and not a true zoom, and all the reviewers of the day were very conscientious in pointing that out.

The lens also shows a medium barrel distortion of Break in the Storm by Glenn Seplak. Save on Lenses Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Here are a few shots taken with this lens. The build quality is very high and leaves little to be desired. Not much around the edges.

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