A tweeter provides incredibly precise and detailed highs and mids, while two special woofers ensure a balanced, full-bodied bass. The closed design shields off ambient noise and also ensures the sound develops inside the ear cushion rather than annoying bystanders. Ear Buddy Bold, fresh and completely in trend. E n er g y s av i ng Technical data: USB A ctn qty. These earphones are optimised for a specific style of music each:

Shure earphones on the other hand rely on sound isolation technology and block environment noises effectively, before they even reach the ear. Velcro belt loop – Slim inner pocket to store spare memory card – Decent, yet fashionable design – Premium quality Classic XS ctn qty. Olympus BLM 1 – Dimensions: The articulated ear cushions with soft pads fit every head shape. Casio NP 20 etc. In contrast to typical earphones that rest on top of the ear, the SE Series earphones offer a secure, comfortable fit, in particular for sporting activities. It can be operated using either the power unit or batteries. This ensures that every user finds his or her ideal, securely fitting earphone — quickly and easily.

Extremely compact parent unit! Powerful bass and crystal clear sound convince even in quiet parts of the music and guarantee a perfect sound experience. From development and manufacturing of new products over logistics, marketing and sales, all the way to product line support at the P. Konica Minolta Dimage Serie 1 etc. The headset is also compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

The FMS comes with fold-out feet and the option of wall mounting for the highest level of flexibility. D, C, AA appr. Studio quality sound All Shure earphones are equipped with powerful miniature extraordinarily detailed, rich studio quality sound.

The perfect loudspeaker for travelling and leisure. Their distinctive features are flexibility and functionality.

This ensures first-class sound and great images. Olympus mju , etc. Lows, mids and highs are distinct and defined, so that all nuances of your music are reproduced accurately. This way, an MP3 player can be quickly re-powered, if necessary, using a laptop.


The colour guidance system leads him to the desired product segments on the shelf where he can choose the right product from several segments such as sports, travelling or fashion.

The fabric will not leave fluffs on your screen surface. In case a key from an original remote control is not included, it can be transferred from an intact original remote control max.

VIVANCO DM 10, Dynamic microphone (mono)

They also have an integrated spirit level seres accurate horizontal alignment and cable management systems to ensure a tidy installation. The rich sound and eriver heavy basses ensure a thrilling sound experience but also make the headphones ideal for music listening.

The soft cleaning cushion combined with the special cleaning fluid removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from the disk. Vivanco now can provide a professional cleaner for smooth cleaning of sensitive TFT and LCD monitors Also suited for all coated and uncoated glass surfaces.

Sound Isolation No Headphones The in ear design works like an earplug to block background noise naturally. The pleasantly understated design with tasteful colouring does not distract from the highly practical product features which all excellent bag models provide: As far as we know, no other wall mount on the market offers a thinner installation distance.

The active antennas have a 12 V power input for the car onboard network and offer a much higher reception quality than conventional passive standard antennas. Bat” rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to times and, thanks to new technology, they hold their charge for a similar amount of time to standard batteries.

Thanks to their flexible ear clips, the headphones perfectly adapt to the ear and provide optimum fit during sports and leisure time. The fabric is not fuzzing. Compared to similar products, no inadvertent maloperation is possible: The electronics integrated into power adapters that regulate output ensure stabilised stable output voltage.

Kodak VV etc. Decision guidance and fast orientation The concept for the aircoustic product line indicates the relevant applications and so actively supports the customer in his decision to buy. Synchronised power adapters should be preferred for economic and ecological reasons. CE, E4 10R – Input: Distance from wall only 35 mm! Entirely unaltered and clear, it renders the signal almost perfectly. The volume controller lets you optimally set up the music level.


With its ergonomic design, the SE is the ideal earphone for the road. The foil can be removed and replaced anytime without leaving adhesive residues. MP3 players, PDA, mobile navigation devices – Rubber application on the front as outlet for camera hand strap can also be used as an outlet for headphones cable – Removable shoulder strap and belt loop for alternative carrying options LIM 60 ctn qty.

You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. All models also feature an anti theft system, so the titan range can be used commercially too.

Acrylic – Safe clip-on design – Free access to all ports and operating controls 96 www. Panasonic CGA-S etc. All come with a 10 year guarantee.


Click lock function New: All Vivanco wall mounts and loudspeaker stands come with a year warranty. With European marks of conformity Audio Protection www. The in-ear phones offer powerful bass and rich sound while filtering out disturbing exterior noises. You will also find seasonal items and collections in special season folders. Ergonomic design Recessed keys Recessed keys have long since been a success with mobile phones but are a novelty with remote controls. This categorisation also refers to the reception quality.

Add this document to saved. Tasteful styling and high-quality workmanship are the trademark features of this line.

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