None of them care about pole vaulting, or dreams. This is one of those movies that I just can’t even begin to describe everything I disliked about it. There are some nice enough ideas here, and I like what the movie has to say even though it’s been said so many times already in other movies. It had some slightly funny ideas that could have been broadened to make it zany and out there like in the iconic “Brazil” while still retaining its inherent unease. Watch our trailer of trailers. Watch Now With Prime Video. Jeffers is impressed with George, believing him to be a nearly perfect Jeffers Corporation drone, and an ally against an anticipated revolt over the Jeffers way of life.

It is really quirky and really understated, but it is also extremely dull and lifeless. He’s a direct descendant of George Washington; he lives in a big house, and has a beautiful wife and a non-existent child who never comes out of his room. The Jeffers Corporation is a world success, endorsed by the U. In reality, however, this film deserves to sit beside and Blade Runner as dark and disturbing visions of dystopian futures. It was just that off-putting to me. When people begin exploding from stress, George Washington Winsterhammerman tries to ignore the epidemic and live his usual life, but then he suffers his first symptom. Because apparently if you get too unhappy, you’ll explode.

Jeffers Morning to you. It’s hard to put words to describe my hatred for this movie.

The corporation and its leader, Mr. After a singeing fisioneers scene and interesting expository, the movie loses it’s touch as it begins to hit the 1 hour mark. This film makes Requiem for a Dream seem like an episode of ‘friends’. Jun 20, Rating: Like many of my favourite movies, it feels as if it’s the product of such a singular mind, with such a singular view of the world. Its more carefully constructed distortions of reality are where it really shines, with its vapid self-help infomercials, eccentric mentor figures, and the mega-corporation as a cult.


Or sort of lives. Jared DrakeBrandon Drake. I mean, I loved it.

After spending the night with Charisma, George imagines he sees George Washington crossing in a canoe, salutes him, and turns to bask in the sun. Done in a intelligent way, it has potential to be somewhat interesting, but nothing more. Yes No Report this. Galifianakis may be funny, but with this material, you won’t laugh.

Just as life is empty and meaningless and can only be enjoyed when we realize this essential connection with the Universe. Retrieved from ” https: Full List of Academy Awards Winners. After his wife and son leave due to their own unhappiness, George is visited by Mr. Quotes [ first lines ] Maddie: It’s one of those cases where I feel like it’s a better film than it really is. Visioneers is one such example: This lent credence to speculation [ by whom? Despite the government’s increasingly intrusive attempts to combat explosions, culminating in mandatory neck-worn “inhibitors” created by the Jeffers Corporation, people including George’s co-worker, Todd, continue to explode.

Well it can, but it will fail like Visioneers. There are parts where I laughed…. In an effort to get the movie made under any budget, the brothers chose many locations that they knew they could use for free.

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View All Critic Reviews Jeffers, claim success is achieved by its strict philosophy of mindless productivity. Outer space is empty of all thoughts and desires Trailers are strange beasts that often hugely misrepresent the tone of a film.

He’s a direct descendant of George Washington; he lives in a big house, and has a beautiful wife and a non-existent child who never comes out of his room. At least, it should have been much better.

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Chris Coppola as Todd. Mack Luster Anthony L.


Definitely a person to watch for in the future. It was just that off-putting to me. In reality, however, this film deserves to sit beside and Blade Runner as dark and disturbing visions of dystopian futures. Every morning, he is greeted by people…. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon.


It thinks it is being original and funny, but it isn’t. The Jeffers Corporation is the largest business in the history of humankind, and they got that way thanks to their strict philosophy of happiness through mindless productivity. Galifianakis shows above-average chops as the frontman, a perfect casting choice. George Washington Winsterhammerman Zach Galifianakis visioneerrs, a descendant of George Washingtonis a Level-3 “tunt” employee at the Jeffers Corporation, and is suffering from overeating and impotence as a result of alienation common in this society.

This film isn’t perfect. George Washington Winsterhammerman is a level three tunt at Jeffer’s corporation, “the largest and friendliest and most productive corporation in the history of mankind.

Overweight, loveless, wood paneling, empty parking lots, basements, loners, madness, sadness, isolation, depression, fantasy, eccentric, filth, sleaze Sep 8, Rating: The third act is a disappointing cluster of plot, emotion, and situation, save for the final 10 minutes. So they couldn’t visuoneers come close to saving visilneers travesty that was this movie.

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Edit Did You Know? Visioneers doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be.

Edit Cast Credited cast: The way the theme of dreams is turned into a literal threat is done with obvious self-awareness, but it comes across like a bad cinematic pun.

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