Here are the missing 2, along with a recorrection of the Axew Card. August 3rd, – September 13th, Games: Posted June 6, April 27th, – May 31st, Games: Mar doll dream world pgl pokemon news victini. January 31st, – February 6th, Games:

Account Page Log Out. No need to be misdreavus about it! Victini was available via a special Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection distribution event. It’s probably not as good, but I’ve been using pokesavbw for my PGF antics. Now you are receiving Victini! Japanese pokesav with applocale or running in Japanese OS works just fine for Japanese WCs and preserves all data correctly, as far as I can see. Edited July 10, by Guested.

victin This is an animated dialog which is useful for displaying information. Here is a collection of Generation V events that we have collected so far, in pgf format. Posted June 29, Latest Forum Posts Array Registered users. Sign in with Microsoft. Now save your game! Posted June 19, Edited June 29, by Sunain. February 14th, – February 20th, Games: These items will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Posted May 7, February 21st, – February 27th, Games: Still need to do some more tests to see if PokeStock handles them ok, but it’s clear Grovyle’s Mystery Gift editor doesn’t work completely right.


Edited June 30, by Guested Fixed image link.

Pass Powers weren’t distributed via Mystery Gift. I have done the same and no c-gear for me either: August 17th, Games: Posted June 30, June 25th, – Doesn’t End Games: August 3rd, – September 13th, Games: No need to be misdreavus about it! April 19th, – May 12th, Games: The Event was for Pokemon Black and White.

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It’s also noted as Pokemon Movie 11 for it’s year. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

February 8th, victino February 14th, Games: It is the same one that was distributed earlier in the year in Japan. Even though the event is over, I’ll still post some common questions and answer about it for our historical record.

victini – PokEdit Pokemon

Posted June 6, edited. Distribution Text is missing for most of these Cards. The Primary DNS is Here are the missing 2, along with a recorrection of the Axew Card.

October 20th, – Doesn’t End Games: Register a new account. March 4th, – April 10th, Games: Stay tuned for a simple alternative if you are unable to use pokesav. Only make posts here if you have a submission, a comment regarding the validity of submitted events, have noticed an error in the collection files, or have noticed a missing event. Edited July 15, by Nigoli.


It’s really a matter of researching what they were when they were distributed, as it’s on the Distribution side and not in the actual Card Data.

Mar european events non-english pkms pokemon news victini wifi. Posted June 28, edited. Victini’s held item is a Fire Gem that gives a one-time power boost to one of Vic’s fire type moves. Thanks, Sunain and Nigoli. Posted July 10, edited.

Use Pokegen to extract pgf files from your sav file. I’ll add these mocie the archive soon. Checking, and will add to collection Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted June 5, I think it’s safe to say that Mystery Gift Editor doesn’t handle all the data well enough. I didn’t double check it at the time.

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