I love the last episode! You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Reminds me of the jap version of Mr Brain only with the vampire twist. As he scrolls through the info, the SWAT team bursts into the PC room where the CD is transmitting and apprehend their quarry… who turns out to be some kid. The team that we see this season has bonded even more since the end of Season 1, and we see evidence of their camaraderie, trust and unity throughout Season 2. He turns back and approaches her, then places a hand over hers — a moment of connection, bringing tears to her eyes — and lowers the gun. One season later, Yun Jung Hoon is still pitch perfect as our resident badass vampire prosecutor. When Jang ended up in the emergency room as a result of the series of car accidents, Jang was barely alive.

Apparently, her real-life upbeat personality fits the character description well. Click Here to watch more video on viki. Soon-bum leaves him with words of confidence: Wondering what happened to Tae Won and In Jung. Tae-yeon catches up to Prosecutor Jang at the pier. The color palette is also further desaturated compared to Season 1 — with few exceptions — which adds to the gritty, less stylized, more matter-of-fact tone of Season 2. Just one point that confuses me though, if Jang became a vamp because of the blood transfusion, then turned Taeyeon’s sister because she was his first victim, the how did Taeyeon become a vamp too? Certainly, the most enduring bromance of the lot, is the relationship between Soon Bum and Tae Yeon.

Outside, SWAT officers surround the club, guns drawn. I rewound that scene and watched it multiple times, it was so chock-full of delicious little nuggets.

Later he attacked Park Hoon. Timescout March 3, at 1: He grabs the leader, hand to throat, and gives him a warning to convey to Jang: Alternate Links Kye Baek Episode 20 http: Alternate Links Poseidon Episode 3 http: I think Jang and his sister are still alive. If it was Jang who bit him, he wasn’t a first victim – his sister was.


It was a hidden gem of vampre, from tvN but when it run people had not yet discovered cable. Tae-yeon asks what Jang plans to do after catching her, and he replies that he has to set the course vampure. Tae-yeon slams on the brakes and rams the body… and in another creepy echo of the first scene, Jung-in also brakes, her car pops a wheelie, and flips upside down.

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Vampire Prosecutor episode 12 English sub [1/2]

T could u please just re-up ep 12 p arigato version? Certainly, the most enduring bromance of the lot, is the relationship between Soon Bum and Tae Yeon. I might of missed that. He gave Jang his own blood. I just hoped that she could be rehabilitated Jo and Soon Bum find it hard to settle into banmal and they decide not to force it. Their familiarity with each other is impossible dramacrszy miss. The only person to catch a fleeting glimpse of him is Jung-in, who keeps her reaction contained as Prosecutor Jang arrives on the scene.

If he does that he would kill the person and he can’t do that.

The attacker was holding the same bloody business card last seen by the previous victim. I think the premise is there that given more episodes, it would show them being romantic. In the recap it is said that Tae-yoon was bit by Jang in a flashbacknot by Park Hoon? It’s so intense and give great cliffhanger for season 2. I’m a little confused by your question, but if you’re living here in the Philippines, it’s ch.


Review: Vampire Prosecutor 2

The show has now an average score of You work for fun? I was pretty blown away by his wise yet sincere-sounding words. It never really occurred to me that he knew until Episode like 4 or something. So intriguing that I did a search on asiatorrents for it, and only 7 eps are listed, with no seeders. Kudos to Lee Won Jong and the writers, for managing to not make prosecuor feel weird, even though he was usually the comical one in Season 1.

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We have a vampire prosecutor in vampide and his job is upholding justice with his wicked way of tasting blood and tracing it back to the victims. Vampire on the run.

Alternate Links Dramacrazg Lose Episode 11 http: He asks for a favor and Soon-bum gets blood samples from the most recent victims from the coroner, whom he swears to secrecy. Poseidon Episode 4 with English Subtitle http: Kakashi December 19, at 7: Alternate Links Poseidon Episode 4 http: In Episode 4, Dr.

And then, to double the aww, Soon Bum asks Dr. I have thought before that there must be two vampire and the other one was his sister. Wasn’t Park Hoon already a vampire? Min Tae-Yeon, couldn’t you get any more hotter? Warrior Baek Dong-Soo Episode 25 [viki]. One of my biggest beefs with the writing in Season 2, is that I always felt like I was being manipulated by the writers. episoed

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