The Curse of Oak Island 2. Isobel kneels down and grabs his ring off of his finger. Damon and Stefan are also there. Elena announces that she has no choice and that she will meet with Isobel. Jeremy enters his room and turns off the light. A Star Is Born 4. Based on the young-adult book series by L.

My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Bonnie finally breaks down and tells Caroline that she did something really bad. Asking why Isobel trusted Damon, Isobel answers her by saying, she knew that Damon was in love with her. Bonnie informs her that the device Isobel wants is actually a weapon. Bonnie turns around and leaves without saying a word. Bonnie sees that Elena is really upset and fights the urge to go to her. Once Isobel leaves, Elena is visibly upset. Walking out of classroom, Alaric gets a surprise visit from Isobel.

Isobel kneels down and grabs his ring off of his finger.

A mistake that she will regret for the rest of her life. The Complete List 6. She compels him and tells him to forget her and move on with his life. She tells him that her mother is dead. Seasln some flashes of the lights and the fire flickering, Bonnie tells them it has been done. Isobel does tell her that he was a boy who had a crush on her when she used to live in Mystic Falls.

Into The Blue 3. Not letting her go to help, Isobel shows her Jeremy and threatens her to hand over the device. Turning around, Elena bumps into Isobel. A Star Is Born 7. He tells her that the woman he married and loved is no longer real and that diwries new Isobel is a completely different person. Elena announces that vzmpire has no choice and that she will meet with Isobel. Seeing how upset she is, Bonnie embraces Elena. She also tells her that Jonathan Gilbert never actually invented these magical devices but that Emily had put spells on them so he thought he had.


Jeremy enters his room vzmpire turns off the light. Seeing Elena, Alaric brings her to his class room to discuss what Isobel wants. Once Elena finds out, Bonnie tells Caroline that Elena will never forgive her.

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Based on the young-adult book series by L. Alaric is still in shocked to be seeing his wife Isobel. Isobel also tells him to add Stefan and Damon Salvatore to the list. Seeing they have no choice, Bonnie begins the chanting spell. Isobel shows no remorse and questions e;isode about the device.

It was meant to kill Vampires. He tells her that Isobel has taken the easy way and has switched off any human emotions. John lands on the floor and Isobel announces that she will take episofe now.

Opening the door, John gets the envelope that contains the device and his ring. The two suddenly have a rather sexy battle and soon Damon has Isobel on the floor and his hands wrapped around her neck.


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Isobel asks for the device. Understanding what Isobel will do, Elena glances back over at Jeremy and realizes that he has disappeared and so has Isobel. Stefan informs Damon that history will not be repeating itself.

She tells him that the items he wanted are outside on his doorstep.

May 6, Alaric’s vampire wife Isobel returns to town and demands a meeting with her daughter Elena in order to gain access to a mysterious device that can allegedly harm vampires. Tyler tries once again to apologize to Matt about what happened with his mother.

Soon, Isobel appears and sits down. Elena tells them that Bonnie can reverse the spell on the device and then they can hand over the device to Isobel. He was also the one that first told her all about Vampires and the history of them in the town.

To ensure that Elena cooperates, Isobel kidnaps Jeremy and threatens to kill him. Bonnie informs her that the device Isobel wants is actually a weapon. La La Land 6. Damon looks over at Stefan who seems to be a bit uncomfortable with that revelation.

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