Who didnt have a tear in your eye when Thenu runs to her, hugging and sobbing her heart out? His family or Pooja? Saravanan is in hiding. Please bring some happy moments rathnam anna. Descargar por favor espere. One thing to note is the little girl though villi for Thenu, acted very well

He had done nothing wrong? That scene was SO irritating – to say the least. Who do you think is more important to him? I did laugh at the way Rani ran to the Pajero. Why is Gautham feeling guilty about her suicide attempt? True, he can feel sorry for her as a human being.

In the end Vaanu scenes showings a kid to be cruel. Yeah, her friend is right, Pooja was madly in love. Just finish the incident and move on with rest of the story.

Vaani Rani – Episode 462, 26/09/14

Rare to see such things Well we do have kids like these in school, so we cant run epsode from that. Boomi had so much problems with his company until he had a heart attack. Pooja brought down all these problems on herself and on his family. He had done nothing wrong? Keep the serial crisp as it was when started.


Vaani Rani – Episode , 26/09/14

The issue was serious and he thought he could handle it when he couldnt. Why is Gautham feeling guilty about her suicide attempt? Their hotel was shut down. That scene was totally senseless I thought. It is epsode interesting sub-plot. That scene was SO irritating – to say the least. Does he not have a choice? I know people feel that she can be too bossy but it is really comforting when she takes things in her hands, knowing that she can solve the problem.

WWhatever or however it may,The school principal,schools has impressed me.

It was annoying to see Gautham keeping quite when Vani confronted Rani. Show Poongodi, Karthi and tell what happened to them.

Without imagination, or creativity you can only give these rubbish episodes for your viewers Who is this Child Villian? Descargar por favor espere.

Vaani Rani Episode , 26/08/14 – Видео

It was nice to see Thenu running to Vaani and hugging her. So Pooja was in love with him. Its like v r seeing 2 different character. Subscribe Channel Subscribe Channel.


Vaani Rani Episode 436, 26/08/14

U r soooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD. Hope The nu will talk soon!

Bullies in school do exist – but I think she is either going to inspire Thenu to talk or Vani has spoken to her and asked her to treat Thenu in such a way that she will talk. Good that Vaani found out. Vani is no stranger. From my heart from little rock. Indha rani epispde va yen pa azhavidureenga pavam so sad.

He should have open his mouth n told everything volunterly.

The first scene was too dragged out. True, he can feel sorry for her as a human being. Why are they all holding back this important issue from her?

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