The genre has been pretty devoid of quality lately. The same can be said if you are expecting high drama. The entire cast here is perfection. The cast is strong Gosling, Stone, Carell which is the main reason I chose to watch this film. You probably won’t guess where “Crazy Stupid Love” is going. An error has occured.

In fact, it might be best of you wait until the movie goes to DVD land. Crazy,Stupid, Love Movie larann 6 August He acts like more of an adult than some of the older cast does in many instances, and gives the performance a well-rounded other young actors would be incapable of. This movie will surprise you at how good it is. The story is dreary and implausible. So it seems in the film. The idea is that a woman Julian Moore has sex with a co-worker Kevin Bacon. She is dementedly unhinged and ridiculously over-the-top, but never falters.

If you are a straight male, do not be convinced by your significant or insignificant other to twiz-crzaystupidlove-a this crap.

I didn’t believe for a minute that Julianne Moore and Steve Carrell were a couple. Going into an advanced screening of the film earlier this week, I had my doubts that it would be anything outside of generic. There is a tangle of subplots that weave together into a beyond-chance farcical lawn party that made me laugh and cry at the same time.

Subtitles for Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Maybe in some twisted fantasy a woman, or man, wants to think they can cheat, demand a divorce and have their mate pursue them endlessly, but that’s not reality Ryan Gosling’s role meant to be a muscular dandy but came off as border-line homosexual.

Tipton is not nearly as good, but plays the role of a confused teenager a little better than you would imagine. It is bittersweet, and easily one of my favourite movies of the summer. She had slept with another man, David Lindhagen Kevin Bacon and Cal finds twiz-crazstupidlove-a hard to take since they had been together since high school.


Speaking of which, has there ever been a more likable group of people assembled for a film, much less a romantic comedy? Predictable, but still one of those rare, twiz-crazystupidlov-a romantic comedies. Their friends take sides.

It was roughly two-thirds of the way into Crazy, Stupid, Love when I realized how invested the audience in my theater had become.

Well, Crazy, Stupid Love has joined the ranks, congrats! This scene poignantly salutes what real, adult love really is, at its best. The other main story point — of Steve Carrell’s character becoming a horn dog — is odd and off-putting. She is dementedly unhinged and ridiculously over-the-top, but never falters. This movie has a little bit of everything and I think that most people would enjoy it.

Subtitles For Crazy, Stupid, Love.

But the story line she has really doesn’t make sense, because Ryan Gosling also plays a horn dog with no sense of goodness, who only goes after really hot chicks so, no — he would NOT seek her out from a crowded bar. He picks up on Cal’s depression, and helps him turn into something of a womanizer. The message that the movie leaves us with is kind of lame and borderline twiz-crazyatupidlove-a.

Julianne Moore and Emma Stone are both lovely as Emily and Hannah, respectively, radiating a down-to-earth presence and relatability that many other Hollywood actresses seem to lack.

There twiz-cdazystupidlove-a enough humor to keep everyone happy and enough strong writing to say this is a very good movie. DonFishies 16 July The overall message may be one to debate but it doesn’t matter because the ride and this film are just so smart and so well done.

It reminded me a lot of Valentine’s Day, and how its main goal was to depict how different love is for a sizable amount of couples and singletons.


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Her performance may be one-note, but it is easily the most memorable thing about the film. We’ve seen it all before many times and this movie brings nothing new.

Not only is this movie not funny, the story is warped.

Ryan Gosling gives an Academy-Award winning performance as the lounge lizard who outdoes all lounge lizards. Emma Stone is ffrench fire right now, doing a great role in “The Help”, she shines just as much here, if not more. I enjoyed everything about this movie. An endearing film that does have quite a strong message twiz-carzystupidlove-a love and about soul mates. Stone is headed for super-stardom. Even Jacob falls hard for new attorney Hannah Emma Stone who has just walked out on her wet rag boyfriend Josh Groban who offered her a job, rather than a ring.

twiz-crzystupidlove-a Cal begs his wife to “stop talking. Whenever the film tiptoes the line toward schmaltzy, they pull it back, making every line and emotion feel utterly real. This film reminded me a lot of Little Miss Sunshine, a “dysfunctional family” comedy I also hated.

I appear to be alone in this thought, but I thought this was awful, just dreadful. The story is dreary and implausible. Steve Carrell plays “Cal,” the emasculated, depressed husband of his restlessly bored wife “Emily,” played by the amazing Julianne Moore “Emily” who admits she has been cheating on “Cal” within the first few minutes of the movie and the couple spend the twiz-crazystupidlvoe-a minutes trying to get back together.

Crazy, Stupid, Love; a simple story ruined dougwintersmusic 26 September Jacob notices Cal’s negative vibe and agrees to train him.

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