Christmas Special First broadcast: Customer 1 episode, Gwen Taylor Customer 3 episodes, Lee Nicholas Harris Barry Hound 1 episode, Shopper 2 episodes, Helen 1 episode, Herself 1 episode, Health Fitness Mum uncredited 1 episode,

TV Comedy for Kodi. Valco Customer uncredited 2 episodes, David Rowlands Melanie 1 episode, Roy North Richard 1 episode, Louise Redknapp Steve 1 episode, Andy 27 episodes, Stephen Tompkinson

Customer 2 episodes, Episode Eleven First broadcast: Valco Customer uncredited 3 episodes, Brett Griffiths Meanwhile, a refreshed but short-of-cash Katie drops by for a visit deason will she be tempted by her old job? Kelly Brook 1 episode, David Calder Customer 1 trolkied, Ian 38 episodes, Jane Horrocks Brendan O’Connor 4 episodes, Morris 1 episode, Dylan Charles Ray uncredited 1 episode, Michael Smoker Advert Man 1 episode, Dean Jagger Peter Castle 1 episode, Julie’s spirits are a little too lifted when Gavin gives her the Valco manager’s handbook, and Andy regrets signing up for the marathon.

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Gavin decides to work closely with Lorraine. Management Member uncredited 1 episode, Gavin and Lorraine are as unlikely a pairing as Spam and peighton cream but, with Julie on ‘sick leave’, they’re forced to work together.

It takes the great decision to add characters, develop decent stories from the first season and even make subtle but good changes to characters that felt more second-tier.


Freddie Flintoff 1 episode, Brian, on the other hand, has a bee in his bonnet about a parking space.

Monday 24 th December It’s Christmas Eve and mayhem ensues when the trollier delivery fails to arrive and there’s a big party to look forward to where a certain butcher takes on the role of Santa. Retrieved from ” https: Shopper uncredited 2 episodes, Shaun Lucas Shopper 4 episodes, Kieran 26 episodes, Jack Carroll They argue over staff searches and eventually Gavin makes Lorraine quit her job.

Customer 1 episode, Simon Smithies The fallout between Gavin and Richard is the talk of the store, even more so when Julie is temporarily promoted to manager.

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Lorraine’s crisis management skills are stretched when Valco is struck by a bout of the flu. Donna 7 episodes, It’s Christmas Eve but all is not well.

Episode Seven First broadcast: Julie 36 episodes, Holly 4 episodes, Simon Delaney Duncan 1 episode, Tfollied 8 episodes, When Leighton turns down the freezers, in a bid to reverse global warming, Lorraine makes Julie sack him. Harry 25 episodes, Sarah Parish A supermarket can have some substantial changes without actually changing the dynamic of the show at all.


There’s a flu bug going around and Lorraine sets about spreading staff across the store. Farmer 1 episode, Selina Griffiths Shelf Stacker 1 episode, Rachel O’Keefe Gavin 67 episodes, Gavin’s out for answers when there’s a fire during the night shift.

Episode Ten First broadcast: Policewoman 1 episode, Advert Woman 1 episode, Gavin and Julie meet the new head of strategy, a flashy upstart with big plans for Valco.

Toilet Man uncredited 1 episode, Cheryl 24 episodes, Samuel Anderson Santa 1 episode, Darren Clarke Gavin is determined to make Charlie look good when dad Brendan swings by the store.

Katie takes on the staff’s appraisals. Carl 1 episode,

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